IATM Solutions: How to Securely Track and Trace Your Assets & Inventory 

Asset management practices must develop as businesses evolve and their resources become more linked. Manufacturing, Economic Machinery, Oil and Gas, Investment Management, Logistics Services, and Technology are among the asset-intensive industries using or intending to use IoT-enabled asset management systems.

The Intelligent Asset Tracking & Management (IATM) Solution by IoT WoRKSTM intends to improve asset enrolment, inventory auditing procedures, and asset visibility via location tracking. The plug-and-play solution interfaces with current corporate systems to leverage IoT for asset monitoring across the product’s life cycle. This increases asset monitoring’s productivity and quality while reducing the risk of asset robbery and accidental loss.

By tracking all assets in one digital platform, businesses can reduce the complexity and cost of managing their inventory. IATM’s digital asset management solutions provide businesses with real-time visibility into the location of their shipments, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their assets.

IATM Features

Inventory audits are improved: You can perform inventory audits more effectively and efficiently with digital asset management solutions. This is because all the information you need about your assets is readily available in one place. You can quickly check which assets are missing and where they are supposed to be. This helps you track down missing assets and prevent them from going lost.

Direction tracking: Digital asset management solutions make it easy for you to track the shipments of your assets. This is because all the information about your assets is stored. You can easily track when an asset was shipped, to whom, and from where. This helps you keep tabs on your assets and prevent them from getting lost in transit.

Enterprise integration: Digital asset management solutions can be easily integrated with other enterprise software applications. This helps you manage your assets more effectively and efficiently. You can use digital asset management solutions to track your assets, inventory, shipments, etc. It enables you to streamline your asset management processes and improve your overall efficiency.

Visibility of asset location: The digital asset management solutions from IATM offer full visibility of your assets. You can see where your shipments are and track their progress with ease. All of your assets are stored in a central location so that you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Asset tracking with IoT: Use digital tracking shipments to manage inventory and shipments with the help of the Internet of Things. By analyzing sensor data, you can get real-time insights into your assets’ location, status, and condition. It helps you to keep track of your inventory, optimize shipments and prevent losses.

IATM Benefits

Cost savings: The IATM solution can be used to track digital assets and shipments, saving you money on managing these items.

Enhanced operational effectiveness: By tracking digital assets and shipments, you can more easily identify issues with autonomous operation.

Asset life cycle management has been improved: The IATM solution can help you keep track of your assets throughout their life cycle, from acquisition to disposal. You can use it to plan and execute asset counting activities more efficiently.

Asset visibility centralized: The IATM solution can be used to track digital assets and shipments, saving you money on managing these items. You can also use it to identify issues and optimize your operations more efficiently.

Why Choose HCLTech?

HCLTech digital asset management solutions help you track and manage your digital assets more effectively. The asset management solutions enable you to track shipments and inventory and monitor and report on your digital assets. They allow cold chain logistics and provide digital asset tracking and management capabilities for your business.



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