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In the early days, you would find treasure troves only in fantasy stories; but in modern times, everyone has become the bearer of treasure troves in the form of photos, video, financial spreadsheets, word files, favourite movies, and the list just goes on.

Although, the digital storage solution has offered a convenient way to store all your precious data. However, the digital storage solution can also lead to frustration and the risk of losing data in one full scoop.

Picture this scene: you are looking at your old photos from the treasure trove and reliving the memories. You come across some irrelevant data and decide to delete it, but you accidentally delete one of your precious memories in the process. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare for you?

Fortunately, there is a solution to recover the lost data. Yes, you guessed it correctly, we are talking about data recovery software. In this article, we will talk about iBoysoft data recovery software and will see how it performs.

iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

iBoysoft is a modern technology company that offers data recovery services for all types of storage services and file types. It is a China-based company that was formed in 2017. This software is designed to recover all data types no matter what their data loss situation has been. 

Today, most people store information on digital storage devices. Despite having their own advantage of convenience, digital storage devices are at constant risk. This is why you find most devices either malfunction, corruption, physically damaged, or have formatting issues.

What to do in this sort of situation?

Having tools like iBoysoft data recovery software by your side keeps your mind at ease and offers flexible data recovery software.

Features of iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

The market is full of data recovery software, but these features are what make iBoysoft made from a different cloth. Before checking on the features, here are the file formats that you can recover using iBoysoft.

  • RAW drives.
  • Formatted drives.
  • Deleted data.
  • Corrupted drives.
  • Data emptied from the recycle bin.

With the advanced algorithm, iBoysoft data recovery software allows its users to initiate deep and quick scans to get data that has been lost a long time ago.

Features that complement your needs.

1. Quick & Deep Scan

iBoysoft software is equipped with both quick and deep scans. Each scan serves different types of recovery procedures. Quick scan is a time-saving data recovery process and works like charms to recover the deleted data. Deep scan is more of a powerhouse scan that scans your drive to the last byte to find even long-lost data.

2. Sorting & Filtering

After the scanning process is complete, the sheer number of data on the screen can confuse you, and the amount of data you need to preview can be tiresome. iBoysoft has additional features that allow users to filter and sort out data based on their file size and data.

3. Preview Feature

One of the best parts of iBoysoft data recovery software is that it comes with a powerful preview function. This helps the user go through the data before clicking the recover button.

4. File System Support

iBoysoft data recovery software is known for its versatility and flexible support to all types of file systems and operating systems. iBoysoft ensures that every mainstream operating system is supported so that no users return empty-handed. For example, it introduces iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac and iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows.


We have tested out iBoysoft software in different scenarios to measure the credibility of what it promises to give to its customers. The result of our test run was splendid. We were able to recover more than 95% of the lost data.

To be honest about how powerful iBoysoft is, it has the potential to be used by IT professionals. In addition to that, it also comes with a free trial version where people can experience it first-hand and then move on with the paid version.

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