Ideas To Choose A Perfect Name For A Boat

If you are a boat owner, then you will know that a boat is simply not just a boat. It can be a home, way of life, escape from this reality. If you own the boat, you have the right to choose a name for it. It should be one that will show your personality and the boats as well.

Why should you name a boat?

A boat name reveals much about your personality, passion as well as life experiences. In the past, most vessels got named after some female figures. It may be historical or personal. The names usually represented a woman who was important in the captain’s life.

One will not want to look for boats for sale and spend much money buying a boat then choose the name without much thought. Many individuals select a name that has some significance to them. However, you should not choose one which is long and obscure. It should be short and memorable. Make sure that it can be heard properly on a VHF radio.

Tips to name a boat

Should be unique

It is a good idea to think unique when figuring out the name. It should be a part of your imagination.


The name of the boat must be simple. It must not be too long that it does not fit properly on the boat.

When the name is short, catchy as well as memorable, it will not confuse people and other boat owners as well.

Classy and clean

The name should not be something rude. Try and keep it classy. If the name has some profanity, it can give a wrong image. This is especially true when kids are involved.

Enjoy with puns

If you want to add some character to the boat then choose short puns, cliches, etc. You can play on words excitingly.

Location on the boat

Apart from choosing a name, one also has to keep in mind the best area to put it. It is important to choose the correct color scheme as well as the font that will help accentuate the boat. You must know where to place the name on the boat that it will look the best and fit perfectly as well.

If you are finding it tough choosing a name, you can get the help of some professional like boatnames.com.au. You do not want to regret the name that you choose for your precious boat.

Select a large and open area upon the boat to put the name. There should be inches of boat space present above, below, along with around the name. This will make it simpler to apply and also stand out. It is not a good idea to wax the boat before putting on the new lettering. This is because the adhesive will not be able to stick to the wax.

A boat’s name is special and must be chosen with care. Take time doing this so that the best one can be chosen.


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