Importance of online courses and workshops

Gone are the days when the only way of learning was to sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher. We are living in a virtual world where the scope of learning has gone up by leaps and bounds. With changing learning trends, we see an enormous increase in the trend of online courses and workshops. According to a survey done by Santa Clara University in 2019, more than 50% of remote learners preferred online learning over traditional classroom teaching. Whether it’s a free online course or paid, tutors online are trying their best to offer value-packed information.

If you wonder what is the reason behind the popularity of virtual courses and workshops, this article is for you. Since the world of the Internet is forging ahead with each passing day, the benefits of remote learning are becoming endless. Here, let’s dig deep to understand the significance of virtual courses and workshops:

  • You are free to choose the subject of your interest

If you ask students why they are reluctant to study, all of their answers will be the same- the subjects they’re studying are not of their choice! Unlike academic courses, online courses give free reign to students, igniting their love for learning once again. There are courses and workshops available on anything and everything.  If you have an interest in real estate you can easily find real estate courses Sydney, however; there are concrete topics like cryptocurrency or machine learning to abstract topics like how to handle emotions or how to communicate better, virtual courses cater to a wide range of subject matter.

  • Self-paced courses let you decide your own pace

It is a universally accepted concept that everyone has a unique learning capacity. Some learn certain things faster, some slower. One can be a fast learner in one subject, while slower in another subject. Most online courses and workshops are self-paced. Learners are free to choose the pace they are comfortable with. This flexibility is a huge blessing as on the days you feel sick, you will not have to worry about lagging behind.

  • You learn to discipline yourself!

Our life is a consequence of our habits. That is why being disciplined is the most important faculty in life. Some may argue that online learning is hampering a student’s growth because students learn discipline through schooling. On the contrary, remote learning teaches true discipline. In a school or a college, fear can be the dominant factor behind a pupil showing discipline. As soon as the fear is removed, he/she reverts to his/her actual behaviour. But no one keeps a tab on you when you are learning online. If you are not consistent in learning, it will be your loss and no one else’s.

  • Most courses have real-life implications in the real world

The practical nature of the online workshops makes them special. In this context, virtual courses and academic courses are poles apart because academic courses (or degrees) are predominantly theoretical.

  • Unique content is their forte!

The success of a course depends upon how many students enroll in it. The online tutors are well aware of the fact that if the learners don’t like the content, they will neither purchase it nor recommend it. So, they make sure to adopt an engaging strategy that the students enjoy. They incorporate video lessons, aesthetic graphic video clips, audio lessons and written notes. This benefits all because they are embracing different teaching styles for a diverse audience.

  • Elderly people can join them without hesitation

India is considerably behind in adult education. You must have noticed that many elders who want to be educated do not enroll for the fear of being judged. Online courses beautifully tackle this problem. Anyone irrespective of their age, gender, or race can learn online from the comfort of their homes. Housewives, in particular, are vigorously registering for cooking courses, finance classes, marketing workshops, etc. As a result, even those without formal degrees have started earning from home.

  • Online learning is cost-effective

As compared to formal education, online learning is far less expensive. Google, for instance, has launched a free online course related to digital marketing, career development, and data tech. Neil Patel, an accomplished entrepreneur, is offering a free online course in SEO training. Some courses on Udemy are available for as low as Rs 385. Some academies are generous enough to provide an official certification as well. You can find out a brief definition of pottery classes.

  • They provide an opportunity to engage with a global audience

When it comes to virtual learning, the whole world is your classroom. Geographical boundaries do not stop you from interacting with intellectuals across the world. You grow to respect other cultures, their customs, values, and thought process. You not only gain knowledge but also learn virtues like sympathy and compassion.

On a final note, it is imperative to acknowledge the applicability of virtual courses and workshops to keep up with the world.


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