Importance of physics in NEET exam

In India, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) exam is a national-level medical entrance examination that is conducted annually to give admission to students in various undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses. The exam is a common test for admissions into undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses across India. The NEET-UG 2018 was administered on 24 May 2018. In this article, we will discuss the importance of physics in the NEET exam.

Physics is a branch of natural science that studies matter and energy, and how they interact with each other. It is one of the oldest sciences known to man, with its origins going back to antiquity. Here are some important points related to physics that will help you prepare better for NEET.

Physics is the most important subject in the NEET exam for engineering aspirants. The subject has been made so difficult to keep students motivated and focused. Students usually start losing interest in the exam midway due to the difficulty level of this course. The syllabus is vast and covers a wide range of topics which makes it difficult to score well in this subject. To ace the physics section, you’ll need to set aside at least three hours daily for revision and practice papers.

Physics is one of the subjects in the NEET exam which has maximum weightage among other subjects. The questions are based on an understanding of concepts and not memorization or solving small problems. The physics section of this exam is a tough one. But with a little preparation, it can be conquered. 

Here are a few points which will help you do well in the NEET exam:

  • Know the basics – This may not sound too difficult but you would be surprised by how many students don’t know basic concepts such as velocity, area, and volume of solids, etc.
  • Practice – Practicing problem-solving skills every day is important if you want to do well on the test.
  • All the chapters in the NEET syllabus are important and you should not omit any. You should concentrate more on and achieve perfection in Mechanics (Physics), Organic Chemistry (Chemistry) and Ecology (Biology) because these are the most important.
  • To score good marks in NEET, revision plays an important role. The last-minute revision will assist the candidates to evaluate their preparation for the exam and addressing the parts they need to improve upon.
  • You should exploit the unlimited online resources that are available easily nowadays. Here are NEET Vectors Important Questions. All these important questions will help you to get an understanding of the pattern of questions. The questions are also sometimes recursive. So it is highly advisable to go through last year’s papers.
  • Prepare all the physics chapters thoroughly to ace the physics section of the NEET paper. Prepare physics chapters carefully and without any haste. Practice hard to score highly in the physics section of the NEET paper. Get into the habit of meeting your goal by using these tips that may help you attain it.
  • You should not skip any tough chapters white studying physics. All the chapters are conceptual thus understanding the concepts is very important. Physics is the main subject in the NEET exam and there are many questions asked from physics. You should not skip any chapter during the study.
  • Chapters 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are the chapters that you will have to bear the most weightage in the physics section. These chapters are not at all difficult but you can be very sure of a good score by completing them well.
  • This is the time to set a good habit for yourself – skip virtually no guide or book – but make sure you go through this one. Start with Physics Chapter-1 and then move on to Physics Chapter-2, etc – as per your convenience and time management.
  • You should not mix up different books of physics. Try to stick to just one book or guide during NEET preparation or else you may not be able to remember the things.
  • NEET for CBSE is based on the CBSE syllabus. So, prepare physics by sticking to the NCERT / CBSE books only.
  • The best way to prepare yourself for the NEET Physics section is by solving old questions. Solving an old question paper of Physics will help you in understanding the pattern of the examination and therefore you would be able to tackle it with ease.
  • Do not attempt the toughest questions at once, rather solve easier ones first and then move on to tough ones later on. It is not that you will do better in the tough ones, it is the practice that will help you to do better in NEET Exam.
  • It is a great idea to write down your answers with full care even if you have solved with the correct answer always write down your answers with a comment or a note on why you have selected the particular answer among all the right answers. This would be very helpful for your review session.

It is very important to study sincerely for your NEET exam. Physics is very important. This is a subject in NEET. It is very difficult to get more than five marks on this paper.


With dedication and motivation, you can ace physics easily. It is tough to score but not impossible. One of the first things that we should do is to find a method that works for us. This is important because it will determine if we are going to enjoy the class or not. What this means is, we have to find a tutor or someone who can help us with physics outside of class. The ultimate goal should be for this person to teach us from our perspective. The next step would be reviewing physics problems that have already been solved by others, maybe by your tutor or a physics teacher online who has recorded themselves solving problems in an interactive whiteboard setting among other things. Work hard and all the best for your exams.


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