Importance of using rank tracking

If you happen to be trying to optimize your website to get organic search, then having to track the keyword rankings might be important. It is able to deliver several benefits which are beyond just having to help you in monitoring the performance of your search engine.

It is the one that helps in identifying which of the techniques of the SEO is likely to work out and which one will not. It will provide you with a lot of contexts to use for diagnosing the drops in rankings, giving you an advantage, which is competitive and much more. All these and more are what you are likely to get by the use of the zutrix services for rank tracking.

If you feel that you are not utilizing the keyword ranking data to its maximum advantage, there is a need for you to check out the following benefits that you get when you use rank tracking:

It will help in identifying what works

One main mistake that companies tend to make when optimizing sites for search is to take what they read online as the truth. They go about reading that the best way to be able to rank is by getting several backlinks, writing content which are long, or to weave the LSI keywords on every blog post that they write.

Then they spend a long time doing all those things without knowing if it is working for them or not. Or if they are the right things for their website but the real thing is that, sometimes the page can be able to rank in the first position even using the backlinks, writing long content is not good for each query and it seems like there is nothing like the LSI keywords.

The best way to approach SEO is creating your own practices which might come out to be the best. You don’t have to stop to read about the techniques which others used and they worked for them – it is a way of gathering new ideas – but you have to test the techniques on your website before spending your entire time on tasks which might not or might move you somewhere.

Keyword tracking is believed to be one of the best ways of seeing if the efforts that you have placed in delivering the results you are looking out for will work or not. If you make a change and your rankings end up increasing, that should be a change that you need to continue making. If you make a change and your rankings remain static or decrease, that is something that you don’t have to waste your time on.

Having to optimize is all about getting feedback and to get feedback in the shortest time possible. And when you are optimizing your site for a particular search, the keyword rankings are normally one of the first things that you have to change and thus, it is great metrics to start to reference when you are out trying to determine what will work for you and what will not.

It might help in boosting your revenue

If you end up tracking the correct metrics, you will be able to know which posts and pages on your site are going to drive the most conversions.  While it could be great to watch the traffic climbing to greater heights, increasing the amount of the traffic is not doing you any good if the visitors don’t end up purchasing something from your products or services.

And in case you know which of the posts and pages drive the most conversions, you can utilize the data in conjunction with the keyword rankings in finding opportunities to generate more conversions with the content.  To move one spot in the organic search results does increase the click through rate by about 30.8%. And thus, if you are looking at your keyword tracking data and seeing that your highest converting posts are not ranking in the first position, you can try focusing on having to get the result to rank higher so that you drive more traffic to a post which you already know that will convert quite well, bringing in a lot of revenue.

And it will be able to work the opposite way also. If you are monitoring your search rankings organically with the daily rank tracking tool, you will be able to see the ranking decreasing immediately.  It is what is going to give you data which is actionable which you can then use to recover quickly your lost rankings, which might prevent a drop in revenue as the results of a ranking which is lower leads to less traffic which denotes few conversions.

Helps in monitoring your competitors

One of the common ways to use the rank tracking tools is to be able to monitor the way your website pages perform in the search. Another common way of using them is by monitoring the way the competitors’ pages tend to perform in the search.

If you have an online eyeglasses retail shop; while you might be targeting a long list of keywords, you will have some few keywords which need to be main that you want to rank as they are the highest purchase volume intent keywords for your particular brand. All your competitors naturally might be targeting the same keywords.

To use rank tracker tools, you can be able to search side by side on the way your website is working alongside the rank of your competitor for each of the keywords – monitoring the ranking will decrease and increase per each site – so that you are able to gather insights which are valuable.

If a certain competitor starts to gain ground, it might be a sign that you have to look into the reason behind it all.  Is it that the competitor is publishing extra content to implement more aggressive link strategy of acquisition or running a social media platform that is a success or an offline campaign?

Tracking keywords will give you the data which you require to trigger an investigation which could end up helping you in gaining some insights for the way to improve your own rankings, being able to compete favorably with a competitor who is surging in the results in the search.


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