Important factors that decide JEE Main Paper 2 Cut Off

It includes the opening rank and closing rank of different institutes taking part in the case of JEE Main Paper 2 cut-off. Moreover, the participating institutes include NIT, GFITs, etc. Basically, these institutes offer admission within B. Arch and B.Plan. CBSE released a list of those candidates with eligibility according to JEE Main paper 2 cut off. Primarily, this was for conducting the counseling by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority or JoSAA. However, along with cut-off, it is equally important for candidates to have knowledge in JEE Main Paper 2 Syllabus.

Everyone is interested in taking admission to institutes like NIT, GFTI, IIT, etc., for B.Arch and B.Planning. However, not everyone can take admission into it. Rather, only those with All India ranking falling within JEE Main Paper 2 cut off can take admission.

Factors those matter regarding JEE Main Paper 2 cut off

It is important for the students to understand the factors those matter in attaining a cut-off mark in JEE Main Paper 2. First of all, it depends upon the number of applicants participating in the examination. Obviously, the more the number of applicants, the higher become the cut-off mark. On such occasions, the candidates have to cover most of the JEE Main Paper 2 Syllabus.

Toughness of question

The next aspect that matters towards the cut-off mark is the standard of question. In this context, a challenging question paper has to bring the cut-off markdown. Similarly, the cut-off mark has to become higher when the question standard is easy.

Candidate performance

One of the prominent factors that matters regarding cut-off is the performance of the candidate. On this aspect, when most candidates do well in a paper, the cut-off mark is obvious to get higher. On the other hand, when most of the candidates don’t do well, the cut-off mark is obvious to go down.

Other factors

The number of seats available in B.Arch and in B.Planning also matters regarding JEE Main Paper 2 Syllabus cut-off. At the same time, the cut-off trends of the past year also matter in this context. Apart from these, demand for the category within which one has to admit also matters.

Class 12 weightage

For JEE Main 2020 SELECTION, CBSE has established a two-level process. Here, the candidate’s performance in class 12th and equivalent examination, along with JEE Main score, is taken into account. In general, JEE Main carries 60 percent weight. Similarly, the class 12th score and other equivalent hold 40 percent weight. Furthermore, the admission relies upon the choice that one fills through counseling of JEE Mains 2020.


So, this is all about the cut-off mark criterion. Now, isn’t it possible for those less than JEE Main 2021 Paper 2 cutoff to take admission? Well, these students may have after JoSAA counseling gets over. Basically, the cut-off is going to rely upon the opening rank and closing rank. Moreover, admission decision in the institute relies upon this opening and close rank. Basically, the students get the JEE Main paper 2 cut off for different institutes post its official release. For now, a student can consider the JEE Main paper 2 cut-offs of the past year.



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