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Vograce charms are made of custom-designed, clear acrylic and are odorless, water-resistant, and light-weight. They won’t fall off your charm bracelet, and they don’t have sharp edges, so they don’t get scratched or lose their color. Whether you choose a charm with a holographic appearance or a regular color, you’ll find it in Vograce’s collection. You can also have custom lanyards and customized keychains.

Customized tumbler pen-acrylic holder

Customize your tumbler pen acrylic holder to suit your style and personality. Choose from over 100 designs and sizes to suit your needs. These custom tumbler pen holders are durable and will not easily fade or lose color. Choose one for your home, office, or business. A personalized tumbler pen acrylic holder is a great gift for friends and family.

If you have a tumbler pen, this Vograce custom acrylic pen holder is the perfect fit for your pen. The acrylic holder is designed to hold the pen securely and comfortably. It is also available in two different designs and has a 120 x 80 x 45 mm size.

The Vograce tumbler pen acrylic holder is sturdy and stable, with a spacious pen area. Available in two different designs, this tumbler pen acrylic holder has room for one or more pens. To ensure its durability, keep it clean. Fingerprints can etch the acrylic surface, but a cotton swab will remove them. It is also important to choose high-quality stickers so that they will last for years.

Acrylic keychains and custom lanyards from Vograce are eco-friendly and stylish. Made from clear acrylic, these keychains are durable and water-resistant. They are available in several shapes, sizes, and colors. They are also available with holographic and epoxy inserts. Custom keychains from Vograce are ideal for displaying important items or pictures. If you’d like to get more information about Vograce, click here.

Vograce custom acrylic keychains are water-resistant, odor-free, and lightweight. They can be printed with your logo or message. Acrylic keychains can be embellished with epoxy, glitter, or holographic elements. If you have any special requests for your Vograce acrylic keychains, just ask us!

Vograce custom tumbler pen acrylic organizers can be printed with either a transparent or opaque surface. The material you choose depends on the look you are going for. Clear BOPP or white paper is ideal for a professional look. Matte paper, on the other hand, looks like normal paper but has an adhesive backing.

Customized acrylic fridge magnet

Custom acrylic fridge magnets are a great way to decorate your fridge and add a personal touch to it. They can be purchased online and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can even choose a shape that you want and embellish it with glitter if you prefer. They are also perfect for business gifts and custom keychains.

The acrylic material used for Vograce custom acrylic fridge magnets makes them very attractive and durable. This material adheres to any metal surface and does not easily lift. You can also customize the shape of your fridge magnets, so they will fit your exact specifications. You can choose from round, square, oval, and have them crafted in whatever shape you want.

Vograce also offers customized keychains. These products are odorless, water-resistant, and durable. The charms are bright in color and will not fall off. The smooth edges of the acrylic keychains ensure that they won’t come off. You can also upgrade the charms to have epoxy or holographic images.

Acrylic fridge magnets are great souvenirs and a great way to promote a business. They are the most popular souvenir and are used on almost every refrigerator door. Most businessmen have found success with acrylic magnets as a marketing strategy. Aside from promoting a brand and creating a lasting impression on your clients, Acrylic Fridge Magnets can also enhance brand recognition.

Another great benefit of Vograce acrylic fridge magnets is that they are environmentally friendly and made with recycled materials. Vograce also ships its products by car, plane, and freight ship. You can rest assured that your fridge magnets will remain beautiful for years to come, and that they are shipped safely with FedEx delivery service.

Customized cat ear shape button pin

Vograce Custom offers custom metal and enamel button pins in many shapes and sizes. They can be used as ornaments, badges, and commemorative items. Made in an ethical factory in China, they are available at affordable prices and are extremely versatile. Custom buttons are a great option for commemorative events and are a unique way to showcase a business logo or event.

Available in various colors and sizes, custom cat ear button pins can add a touch of personality to any outfit. These unique button pins can be made in various materials and can be ordered online or at a store. If you would like a specific design, you can also have a design or logo engraved on the back of the pin. Custom cat ear buttons can be made from different materials, including iron or plastic. Vograce also offers personalized acrylic keychains.

If you’re looking for unique buttons to give as gifts, Vograce offers a wide variety of custom button pins in many sizes and colors. Whether you want to give your buttons to a group of friends or want to celebrate a milestone, custom buttons can be a great way to express your personality. These items can be used as giveaways, tradeshow giveaways, and more.

Vograce offers custom button pins made from top-quality materials, making them the ideal choice for promotional gifts and advertising campaigns. They can also be used as ornaments, bookmarks, and key chains. And because they’re small, you can get one with a logo or a message of your choice.


Custom Vograce cat ear shape button pins are available in several materials, including acrylic, metal, enamel, and holographic. They are also available as ornaments, bookmarks, and cufflinks. You can even have the pins made in other shapes, such as a heart or star. You’re sure to find something you love! And your loved ones will surely appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

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