IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program – Things To Know!

The eligibility criteria for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Programme includes a minimum age of 18 years, 10+2 pass with at least 51% marks in Mathematics, or a higher degree. Applicants can also be engineering students with a 51% aggregate in Mathematics. You must also have a valid passport. There are a few other requirements for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program as well. These requirements are listed below.

Qualities required to join Indigo Cadet Pilot Program

The age limit to join IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program is 18 years and candidates must be Indian citizens or hold Overseas Citizenship of India. They must also possess a valid Class I medical certificate. There is a written test and a group activity during the selection process. Successful candidates will be invited for a personal interview with the IndiGo. After that, the selected candidates will be provided with an onboard training program.

The process of recruitment for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program is competitive but highly rewarding. The training includes 200 hours of flight time with the A320 type rating and will prepare you to become an airline pilot. This program is not open to all candidates and has a low seat limit. You will learn how to be a pilot while earning a salary and a benefits package. The course is similar to that of a regular commercial pilot licence program, and you can expect to receive an A320 Type Rating and Commercial Pilot Licence as a reward.

Duration of the program

The duration of the Indigo Cadet Pilot Program is 19 months. The course is offered by CAE, a global training company. Candidates can earn their CPL and Airbus A320 type rating after completing the program. Applicants can start applying for the program up to five months before the batch commences. This program is highly sought after by airlines worldwide. The selection process is rigorous and the program may change.

After successful completion of the CPL training, cadets will return to India for Type Rating training. This training is conducted at CAE’s global training facilities. The program requires 615 hours of training. This training is the final step towards earning your Commercial Pilot License. Once you have completed your training, you’ll be prepared to take the multi-engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) test. The training will take about two and a half months.

Cost of the program

The cost of the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program is about $1,30,000. Once you have completed your training and successfully completed your screening test, you will have to pay a fee for your online test. You will need to demonstrate your mental maths, English proficiency, behavioral analysis, and multitasking skills. Once you have cleared the online test, you will be qualified to go to the next round in Delhi.

Once you’ve completed the Insight for Indigo cadet pilot program application process, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the next available test date. During this time, you’ll take the Indigo Psychometric Questionaire, which includes 50 human-trait-based questions. This exam requires one hour to complete. Once you’ve passed the test, you’ll be notified whether you’re eligible for the next round.

Interview process

The Interview process for Indigo Cadet Pilots is a two-step process. The first step is a screening evaluation of your technical skills and mental ability. The second step is a one-inch-length interview, during which the panel will test you on the following topics: English competency, behavior analysis, and mental maths. The third step involves a Personal Interview with the Indigo Panel.

The Indigo Cadet Pilot Program is a two-year training program, which starts after completing the basic training requirements. Indigo has partnered with the Flight Training Academy (FTA), an internationally recognized training organization. The FTOs know that today’s airline crews require unique skills. This is why they carefully assess applicants during their initial selection. Indigo has high standards for candidates and FTOs. During the interview process, the cadets are also evaluated on their written aptitude.

In Last:

If you’re considering becoming a pilot, IndiGo is the perfect place for you. They offer a unique route to a junior first officer position on an Airbus A320 aircraft. To qualify, you must be 18 to 32 years old, fluent in English, and have a valid passport. Applicants must be resident in India or hold a valid passport, which will give them unrestricted travel rights worldwide.


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