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The AirTrack mat guarantees safety and fun so that athletes can get the best of themselves. This mat is ideal for those who want to take their athletic skills to the next level.

You can check these more;

  • Gym
  • Parkour
  • Cheerleaders
  • Cheating
  • Kung Fu
  • Yoga

And the mat is also useful for physical therapy.

In addition, the mat can of course also be used for recreation on trampolines or in amusement parks, for example.

How is an AirTrack mat inflated?

Because the AirTrack is built with air instead of a layer of foam in the middle, it must therefore be inflated before use.

How you choose your AirTrack mat depends on several factors.

Here’s how to best inflate your AirTrack mat so you can’t make mistakes and your AirTrack lasts as long as possible. We’ll also give you a number of useful Youtube links that will show you how to inflate the AirTrack in just a few minutes.

Which pump should we use?

You can then choose between an electric pump or a hand pump (leg). The best pump to use depends on the type of AirTrack you purchase. The mats do not need to be constantly on the pump, once they are sold they can be used anywhere. Mats have a strong edge so air loss is minimal.

Inflate your AirTrack mat with an electric pump

With an electric pump like this one from Flextail, you can quickly and conveniently fill AirTrack mats with air: The pump comes with an adapter so you can position it correctly on the mat without losing air. In addition, with this pump, you can also quickly suck the air out of the carpet. This way you can easily set up the mat and can quickly “take it apart” and clean it again.

Inflate your AirTrack carpet with a foot pump

This is also possible if you want a foot pump or a floor pump with a manometer. The foot pumps inflatable mats are an AirBeam, AirRolls, and AirTrack exercise pack, and the best floor pump, it requires less effort than the Mirage: Also, the foot pump can be easily lifted. trip. The built-in pressure gauge shows the exact air pressure of your AirBeam, AirRoll, and AirTrack exercise equipment.

What pressure should I keep on AirTrack?

AirTrack pressure must also be considered to get the most out of these wonderful cushions. The pressure you need depends on several factors. It is recommended to always use adequate pressure, and in any case, fill the pad with air before each new use. The ideal pressure depends on the type of exercise performed on the mat, the mat you are using, the user’s exercise level, experience, and weight. For more information on the correct pressure, you can refer to your AirTrack pad’s manual.

How do I measure the pressure in the AirTrack pad?

To measure the pressure you need special equipment they provide at the AirTrack factory.

You can use a pressure gauge to accurately measure the pressure of the AirTrack pad. This is available for Super Silent air track mat, Air Floor and AirTrack elements. how did you do it? That’s easy. All you have to do is connect a pressure gauge to the second valve when inflating the track. With AirTrack Factory material, you’ll never damage your pad, so you don’t have to worry about putting too much pressure. The exercises you can do on the mat won’t hurt either.

Hard, medium, soft? How should the mat be optimally trained?

Cushions can be inflated in three ways to create a hard, semi-hard or soft surface. When the pad feels hard, it means there is a lot of pressure on it. This creates a kind of “dead” floor, which is often used in competitions. Your pressure will be slightly lower, so you’ll get a better “bounce,” which is ideal if you want to train for jumps.

You can get a soft pad with lower pressure by Kameymall, which is recommended when the user is a junior athlete or playing with children, for example. The best way to determine what pressure is right is to stand on the mat and make sure you don’t keep falling while jumping.

When in doubt, it is better to pump more air.

What’s the best way to inflate an AirTrack pad?

To make it easier for you, we’ve broken down the steps to inflate your AirTrack. Always read the safety instructions carefully before starting work.

You’ll need to load the AirTrack onto a good, flat surface to find it. To avoid damage, make sure there are no sharp objects nearby. If you want to inflate the AirTrack outside, be sure to put something under the pad for protection. Do you have a good place I found? Then place your AirTrack (with the bag around it) where you want it.

Remove the bag from the AirTrack and unfold the cushion.

Then put the pump on the fitting and connect it to one of the valves (they are the same no matter which valve). Turn on the pump and wait for the AirTrack to fully inflate to the desired pressure. Are you pumping enough AirTrack? Then turn off the pump and unplug it from the pad.

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