Interactive videos increase your blog’s engagement

What is interactive video?

Interactive video is a term that describes all kinds of video technologies that allow users to interact to some extent. For example, a video might suggest a user changing the results in a future video section. Internet users can use video technology to click on an area of ​​a photo and open a link. The concept of interactive video originated from early videotape technology and was eventually applied to everything from computer systems to video game machines.

What are the benefits of interactive videos?

Personal Content

Personalization is the key to Interaction. It becomes an advantage when you see results and their effects on people. When you personalize, You tend to talk to them in a more friendly way. It will increase their trust. Plus, how can you forget or ignore something unique and customized for you? Almost impossible Content includes what users want to know. So they can’t skip it. Customers will feel the need to continue talking to your brand because they know the relationship will be helpful.

Suppose your company wishes to stand out from the crowd and provide an excellent and unique experience for the people there. You have to focus on Personalization. It is an effective shortcut to speaking directly to your customers. without interference and noise

Are you still wondering if personal experience matters? Epsilon’s research shows that 80% of customers are more likely to buy when using personal brands.


Videos are highly shareable. That’s a fact.

People are involved in those pieces. And they are so connected that they cannot be kept alone.

So, customers tend to help you get more people into the sales process by spreading that around. in other words, You can increase your brand awareness because more people will know you exist.

That has to do with the fact that everyone wants to look fabulous in a social group. When you have experiences to share dynamically, you will have everyone debate about it for a long time. and immediately create notoriety for viewers.


Engagement is an important metric to track these moments. It tells you how your customers connect. And how likely is it that they will continue to talk to your brand and eventually buy? The good news is that interactive video can help you quickly increase this KPI.

Using Personalization to keep viewers interested You can keep them engaged throughout the video. That means longer viewing times as well.

Ultimately, they will ask questions. Decide what happens, click things to change views, etc. They won’t stop for a second. By giving them something to do, they will participate.

That means less abandonment too. Studies have shown that 64% of viewers are more likely to end a video when interacting.


When doing all that, You can add brand loyalty as well. Suppose you choose to talk to your users in a more personal way. Create an experience they will not easily forget. They will come back to you by becoming loyal. That means they’ll come back for more: videos, products, and solutions.

That’s the key to building long-term relationships between people and brands. Loyalty helps them understand that your business is credible.


What about analysis? Interactive videos are essential to providing information about your customers and everything you need to know about them.

You’ll keep an eye on your return on investment (ROI), click-through rate. Access to content engagement, conversion, etc.

That is particularly good for decision-making. Suppose you have a lot of information to support your choice. You can avoid failure and enhance your efforts.

In the end, the analysis will give you the basis for further development and growth.

Data retention

Another benefit of interactions in your video is to increase data retention, Which is extremely important for your users. Because it’s a better way to learn something about something. and use that knowledge later

If you aim to educate your customers on a specific topic, Interaction is perfect for you.

In this format, people can customize the Content according to their needs to Learn quickly and easily.

Experience will be better, So they will remember and use that information to make the final decision: purchase.

Better click-through rate

The interactive video received Up to 20% click-through rate, significantly higher than the 2% linear video.

It means that it is challenging to ignore Content that provides a dynamic experience for you. It translates into higher revenue, more conversion, and brand loyalty.

Again: interactive videos are here. It is almost impossible to overlook the power of these tools when it comes to bringing in more people and improving their satisfaction.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to this topic and learn more about the tools that help you produce that kind of Content. It will decide to be appropriate.


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