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The kangaroo voodoo cage is a device that can be used to capture a suspect. It’s not exactly new, but it’s quite effective. Think of the kangaroo voodoo cage as more of a Google DocDocument than a modern technology document management system. But with the right combination of software and physical walls, you have what you may call an effective security system. Keep reading to find out more about this mystical device and its uses.

What is a Kangaroo Voodoo Cage?

A kangaroo voodoo cage is a device that’s mostly used to capture criminals. It’s basically a small, Mobile Telematics System (MTS) equipped hardware that’s always with you. When someone’s in the frame of the kangaroo voodoo cage, the MTS sends an infrared light to a device that’s attached to their body. That light is triggered by an object that causes a response from that same object. The device being “captured” is the kangaroo voodoo cage. When you need to find out who’s at the other end of this light and sound chain, you might call in the police or other professionals to help.

How Long Does a Kangaroo Voodoo Cage Take to Set Up?

All things considered, it takes less than an hour to set up a kangaroo voodoo cage. That’s a quick and simple process that can capture a suspect in a matter of minutes. The longer the process, the less secure your system is.

What Is the Advantage of a KVC?

Like all security systems, the kangaroo voodoo cage works best when it’s right there in the room where you’re staying. This means it’s a great idea to have a system in place when you’re at home.

The KVC’s Drawbacks

This security system doesn’t work well when someone’s in the house or in a car. It’s also not good for when you’re going on a trip where someone’s in the house, but isn’t necessarily in your car.


The kangaroo voodoo cage is a mystical device that can capture anybody. It’s great for when you’re at home and your house is dark or you’re at a risk of being in the house and not seeing who’s in the room. It’s also great when you have a family who might visit at any point in the day. The kangaroo voodoo cage is a great, inexpensive way to secure your home. While it might not be the most secure system in the world, it’s certainly one of the most convenient. The best part about a kangaroo voodoo cage is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it set up. It’s quite simple to setup and can be done with very little training. You can also remove the tray and lower the floor to store the equipment in the garage. There’s no electricity or internet involved with a kangaroo voodoo cage. You can use it as a stand-alone system or with a team of security professionals. The kangaroo voodoo cage is perfect for home, car, or hotel use.


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