Introduction of Two Intelligent Theories: AI Solutions For Business and Ai As a Platform

AI solutions for business helps to detect objects from videos, text, and images understand human emotions. It can be used as a content-based image retrieval for good image analysis. In the automation of repetitive tasks of organizations, AI solutions support it.

AI solutions for business is used as computer software with intelligence and with human-like capabilities to boost the dividend.

Use of AI solutions in business: 

  • In this 21st century, people prefer AI services more than humans. So, in customer service, human is replaced by AI service. People have more reliability on all-in-one process.
  • Increasing the amount of business data, it’s challenging to find the required data, so people are adopting artificial intelligence in business. AI developed a business strategy, created a personalized experience, and helped to understand the need of the customers.
  • AI process helps to increase the chances of getting profit after the sale of a product through its intelligent prediction. And it also predicts whom to target.
  • Many multinational companies use AI to understand the behavior attitude of the consumers and predict which product to be recommended.

Advantages of AI solutions in Business:

  • Improved and reliable customer service
  • Increased revenue and optimistic results from marketing activities
  • Fraud detection with more efficiency
  • Industrialization of technique
  • Better understanding the customers and offering more services, and increasing experiences

AI as a Platform:

It is a set of services that endorses the machine learning cycle. It helps in preparing and gathering the data as well as testing, training, and deploying machine learning models.

Tools to interact with AI as a Platform:

  • Cloud console

To manage the models, versions, jobs on the cloud console, one can deploy models to clouds.

  • Rest API

For managing jobs, models, versions, and for making predictions on google cloud, the Rest API provides a restful service.

  • Deep learning VM

For data science and machine learning tasks, this tool is the pack of virtual machine images.

  • Google cloud CLI

Through this tool, one can submit jobs, accomplish the other AI platform tasks and manage the models and versions at the command line.

Why is the AI platform important?

For democratizing and productizing ML models by providing tools, AI platforms are much more helpful.

Accessibility and analytical tools are important with the rise of citizen data scientists. AI platform is also important to managing the end-to-end machine learning cycle.


In the end, we can say that the Ai platform is a versatile platform not only on PC but also on mobile devices. There will be a bunch of improvements in the future with the next generation. With the adaption of AI platforms in smartphones and computers, it is evident that with this platform, our future economy will affect our process of understanding the platforms. We can expect more transformative developments from this platform. Over the next decade, we can say that for economic and social activity, these platforms are more likely to be an influential organizing principle.


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