Introduction to Unmarried Partner Visa

If you have an unmarried partner in the United Kingdom, acquiring an unmarried partner visa might greatly help you. The unmarried partner visa allows an unmarried partner to stay or enter the United Kingdom only when their partner is currently settled in the UK.

The phrase “settled in the UK” only applies to those ordinary residents of the said country without any immigration limits. You can apply for this type of visa whether you are in the same sex or heterosexual relationship as long as you can prove that you have been together for more than two years.

Understanding UK Unmarried Partner Visa

The unmarried partner visa is also known as a de-facto visa. This type of visa is applicable for individuals with British Citizen partners. Aside from that, the British Citizen partner should also hold an EEA National with limited Leave to Remain or an Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Before the UK government grants you an unmarried visa, you must show proof that you have been in a relationship with a British Citizen for more than two years. This type of visa allows unmarried couples to either come to the United Kingdom or have a few more years of stay in the country.

This visa enables same-sex partners to live in the United Kingdom as long as their relationship is concerned. It offers couples the same benefits and rights as those individuals living in a civil partnership or is already married.

On the other hand, it would take you at least 30 months to receive your unmarried partner visa if you live within the UK and 33 months outside of the country. If you have finished your five years of stay in the country, you can now submit your application for British Citizenship or indefinite leave to remain.

If you are a visa holder that does not grant you to stay in the country for no longer than six months, switching to an unmarried partner visa is prohibited. Your only choice here is to acquire a UK entry clearance or leave the country.

The Benefits of Acquiring a UK Unmarried Partner Visa

Aside from allowing you to come or extend your stay in the United Kingdom, the unmarried partner visa also offers other benefits, including the following:

  • You will be granted the same benefits the UK government offers its citizens. However, this does not apply to public funds. 
  • It also allows you to apply for a job within the country without worrying about any limitations.
  • Entitlement to live in the United Kingdom for good

Eligibility and Requirements Needed for Applying For Unmarried Partner Visa

If you plan to apply for an unmarried partner visa, here are some of the essential criteria you should meet to become eligible:

  • Your partner should be of the legal age (18 years or older)
  • The unmarried couple must have appropriate housing that can accommodate them and their dependents (if any)
  • The unmarried partner should have an income threshold of at least 18,600 euros which will be used as a fund for non-EU nationals. On the other hand, if your income is above average, you may have to meet the threshold of 22,400 euros which is enough to sponsor a child. It also comes with an extra 2,400 euros for every subsequent child. 
  • The couple must have a stable job and source of income to support themselves alone without being dependent on government funds.
  • Once the couple has been granted the unmarried partner visa, they must stick together and live in one house permanently.
  • Before acquiring an unmarried couple visa, they must show a piece of established evidence proving that they have been in a relationship for more than two years. However, you can combine these years of living from different periods, making it a flexible requirement. On the other hand, you can still apply for an unmarried couple visa even though you have been a live-in partner for less than two years but have been dating for more than two years. 

Final Thoughts

Unlike the visa for family members, the unmarried couple visa is only exclusive for unmarried partners who have been living in the United Kingdom and have been in a relationship for longer than two years. 

The UK unmarried partner visa has only simple requirements you should prepare, including established proof to show that you have been living together for two years. Aside from that, you must also show a shred of evidence that will prove that you can sustain each other’s needs without relying on the government’s help. 


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