Investing in the property market in 2023?

If so, you’re undoubtedly experiencing a range of feelings. You must be excited about the new chapter in your life, anxious about packing and organising, and perhaps even a little regretful over leaving your current residence behind.

With predictions of house prices going down (Reuters) in the upcoming year and the limited supply of competitively priced financing, many people will be hesitant to invest. The future, however, can be better than you think.

This article is your guide to investing in property in 2023

Do a Cohesive Research

Following the prevailing economic scenario, buyers’ budgets are probably less flexible. Thus, realistic pricing will be essential to closing a deal. You need a trustworthy estate agent by your side to seal the deal. Manchester, for example, is predicted to have a strong property market in 2023, with sales prices anticipated to grow by 1.5%. You would want to consult a renowned estate agent in Manchester in such a case.

Several variables must be considered when choosing where to reside, especially if you plan to move to a new location. Even if you have a very clear idea of the house you desire, doing your research and speaking with a professional agent may lead them to propose something that would fit you better. If you’ve located the house you want to buy, avoid hesitating and engaging in bidding wars.

Finance Assessment

The reality may be more complex despite predictions of significant price drops for all residences.

Due to affordability issues, many buyers will have difficulty getting mortgages. Others who own properties with large equity need to be able to get financing.

With such conditions within a whisker, the cost of moving supposedly will be the biggest hurdle.  Numerous financial aspects must be considered, including:

  • monthly mortgage payments
  • stamp duty
  • moving expenses
  • residential expenses, including energy and council tax.

Ensure your finance assessment with the help of a reliable estate agent before investing. A property valuation will help you tons before investing.

‘How should I value my property?’ If that’s what you’re curious about, Property Valuation Manchester is your knight in shining armour.

Get your paperwork ready

More than ever, getting your paperwork done in order is important so that you may take advantage of any sudden opportunities. Follow the below-given tips to ease the paperwork.

  • Seek the help of a well-known solicitor. If problems develop along a chain of buyers and sellers, they should be better at easing the process.
  • Get copies of your utility bills, and any other paperwork your solicitor thinks will be required to expedite the sale.
  • Staying organised by keeping all your vital paperwork in one location is one of the simple ways to reduce some of the stress associated with moving. Create a special folder in your email account for anything moving-related, and keep paper documents in a box file. Nowadays, a lot of lenders handle the mortgage process online.


Planning and getting rid of clutter well in advance are easy ways to lessen some stress associated with relocating. It may seem overwhelming to decide what to keep, donate to a good cause, or toss away, but if you do it room by room, it becomes more reasonable.

Take care of the following to make the sale easier:

  • Pleasant lightings
  • Aesthetics of the front door
  • The appeal of the window boxes


The eminent author Paulo Coehlo once said that if you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. With a new year, it surely is time for that ‘new hello.’

Moving is stressful, but with the right guide by your side, you’ll slide into 2023 with a fruitful investment.


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