Investing in Walnut trees – an ideal opportunity for long term investors

Imagine an asset class that appreciated every year, and paid an annual dividend of 25-50 percent. Impossible? Many would think so but The Walnut Fund, a new and innovative crowdfunded – style investment platform, offers investors the opportunity to invest in walnut trees and enjoy the benefits that this asset class brings, while at the same time not having to do any gardening!

So why invest in walnut trees?

Most importantly, walnut trees produce valued and very pricy walnuts! A nut who’s price has been in demand for centuries and not showing signs of diminishing. With current market prices of around 2.5$ / kg of in-shell walnuts, a single tree can produce anywhere between 70 and 100$ on an annual basis.

Secondly, the value of your investment grows on an annual basis, more precisely the trees themselves once planted appreciate in value every year.

Walnut wood stock, whether it’s intended for furniture stock or heating purposes at the end of the walnut trees’ economic lifecycle can be worth multiple times more than the initial investment. Providing investors with sanctuary for their hard earned money!

Of course, every investment has its downfalls, and the disadvantage of investing in walnut tees is the wait. For the first 3 years, the tree must mature and developed. Starting year four the trees enter their productive period and can be exploited for the next 40 years. Providing for a perfect source of passive income!

Walnut farming is reserved for farmers with the funds to not have any income for three years. This provprooves as a high barrio to entry and has held market prices stable.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at the website and awesome team behing the project – The walnut Fund

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