IQ, short for  Intelligence Quotient, is defined by a series of tests listed in a manual. It is a number that, as its name suggests, results from a quotient. The calculation is made from the results obtained thanks to these tests and the date of birth of the person.

Having a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re good at everything,  and conversely having a low IQ doesn’t mean you’re not smart. When you take IQ tests, the latter evaluates only one type of intelligence appealing to our logic.  That is to say that  these tests do not take into account other forms of intelligence.

The IQ score, which largely reflects the trials that we have to face on a daily basis,  trials for which we have to make certain decisions responding to  certain problems of planning, organization or even the development of strategies , cannot be an absolute value and can therefore fluctuate over time. The fact that our brain has a certain plasticity, this allows us to solve these problems and make the best decisions in the face of them. It is thanks to our frontal and prefrontal globe that we can make these logical reasonings.

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR IQ? here we are not just going to give you tips to increase your IQ itself, but to  increase your intelligence in an overall sense!  Here’s how:


Running, walking, squash, yoga, swimming pool? You choose what suits you best . Sport increases the level of oxygen in the blood, strengthens your muscles and your brain!  Know  that the older you get and the more you practice physical activity, the more your IQ can increase.

Physical activity can trigger what is called  neurogenesis, which is the creation of new neurons, the cells in your brain responsible for processing, transmitting and receiving information. On top of that, these new neurons are bigger and have longer dendrites. That’s a good thing, the researchers think, because  these supercharged neurons make better connectors than other brain cells, improving things like spatial memory. The effect is almost instantaneous (meaning you don’t have to be a gym buff to reap the benefits). A new study published in Scientific Reports showed that subjects’ brains created new neurons within a week of starting to exercise.


Reading from every day will stimulate a large part of your brain and exercise your mind and memory.  Indeed, reading requires great concentration and it also involves retaining a lot of information, analyzing it and then understanding it.


Practice playing. Play memory games and fill in Sudoku boxes . This last game is very effective to increase your IQ test and IQ level.

Invite your mind to creation.  Draw, paint, build, model, photograph. It doesn’t matter, the only thing is that you have to create! You don’t need to be an artist for all this, quite the contrary. This will allow you to open up to other horizons and to open other doors in your brain which will multiply the new connections between your new neurons!


Nothing better than changing your habits and this even for your brain. Are you left-handed or right-handed? Now force yourself to use the hand you use the least for cooking, brushing your teeth,  combing your beard  and hair… Find all the doable things you don’t usually do, and do them! You will also establish new neural connections here. Your brain is learning new things, so it’s stimulated by all these small beneficial changes.


If you are new to meditation, start with 10 to 15 minutes a day and then increase by 5 minutes when you feel the desire and the need to do so . The best way to meditate is to do it before bed, in the morning when you wake up or just after physical activity.

Meditation will allow you to increase your ability to concentrate, your memory and your patience and will bring you a lot of relaxation.

Make yourself comfortable sitting or lying down , in a place that suits you best. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, focusing on your breathing . You may have thoughts, outside noises interfering with your concentration. Ignore them and you will see that as the days go by they will disappear. So,  inhale for 5 seconds, then exhale for 7 seconds. Become aware of your body parts, go through the X-ray from head to toe little by little, then refocus on your breathing.

Breathing is a natural reflex in humans. We are no longer aware that we breathe and generally we do it badly, while it is essential to know how to breathe in order to properly nourish our body and our brain with the gases they need.


Broaden your horizons, your knowledge, your knowledge by doing new things.  Make new experiences, explore the unexplored!

When you repeat the same things on a daily basis, whether you get into a routine whether in your work or in your personal life, at the level of the gestures, facts, words that you say to yourself or to others,  your brain knows in advance what you are going to do.  There are no more surprises for him, nothing more to work on, no more stimulation. He is on autopilot.

New experiences will alert your brain, initiate it to change, stimulate it! Go visit monuments, discover new places, go to the theater. Do things differently, your brain will be delighted 


Vitamin  B is as good for your beard as it is for your brain. It increases the flow of blood to your meninges and therefore the flow of oxygen, which the brain loves

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