Is a degree in brand management a good career decision in 2021?

We bet you will be able to name five brands across different industries in under 30 seconds. Why did these brands occur to you and what sets them apart from their competitors?

The relevance, resilience and popularity of these brands are the results of effective brand management techniques used by these companies. Without brand management, none of these companies would be standing where they are today.

Most brand management courses detail the role of brand management in marketing, advertising and product distribution strategies. Read ahead to delve more into the subject and explore the benefits of pursuing a brand management programme.

What does brand management involve?

Brand management involves the establishment of a brand and growing its size. Most brand management activities are dedicated to maintaining a brand’s visibility in the market and its sustainability.

How do you establish a brand in the first place? You must think about what makes you different from your competitors and grow your brand around that feature. You should also specify your company’s unique selling propositions (USPs) and the tone and purpose of your brand messaging.

Why are so many companies invested in brand management?

Irrespective of the domain, companies across the world are invested in growing and building their brands. Here are some common advantages that a robust brand management team can bring to the table.

  • Brand management can help you increase your company’s visibility in the market.
  • Effective brand management can expand your target audiences and make your products more popular.
  • Brand management can also help retain existing customers and result in better lead conversion.
  • Brand management can help you maintain consistency in product development and marketing campaigns.

What are the career prospects of a brand management degree?

With brand management, a staple operation across most companies, a brand management background can help you get access to a large variety of jobs in the marketing domain. Apart from being interesting, many of these roles can also be financially rewarding.

Glassdoor.com data suggests that the average annual salary for brand managers in the UK can be around £ 45,546.

Here are some exciting career roles open to brand management graduates.

  1. Luxury brand manager: Luxury brand managers are in charge of fixing the tone and purpose of brand messaging so that brand resonates with the target audience.
  2. Product manager: Product managers handle the planning, development and execution of different products. In most cases, product managers are involved throughout entire product cycles. 
  3. Retail buyer: Retail buyers have to decide the type and kind of products that should be sold through a brand. They also need to ensure that these products hit retail stores at the right time and in enough quantities.

If the above-mentioned roles don’t catch your fancy, you can also become a senior brand manager, PR specialist, merchandising manager or luxury market specialist.

A brand management degree can be the right career pathway to make your name in the marketing industry. Look for an appropriate brand management programme today to build a successful career in the branding industry.


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