Is buying medicines online safe






Do you believe in buying medicines online? Do you think the online medicine ordering app is safe?

Online pharmacies have become common, especially after battling for two years with the Coronavirus.

Online pharmacies have made the life of every individual easy. Individuals purchase medicines at their convenience with just a click.

But, buying medicines online can be a risky task:

  • Many e-pharmacies are not registered by the government, so buying medicines online from them can be unsafe.
  • These pharmacies can turn out to be fraud.
  • Viagra, haloperidol, amitriptyline, and atorvastatin are few drugs sold cheaply, and without GP prescription online.
  • Their false guidance on whether a medicine is suitable for you, the dosage, side effects, and any harmful interactions with other drugs can be dangerous.
  • Online medicine ordering apps or websites could also be dangerous to your health. It might be expired, diluted, or fake.

Despite several fake e-pharmacies, some authentic online pharmacies are selling safe drugs with the support of certified doctors.

Truemeds is a reputable online medicine ordering app that supplies medicines from India’s top 30 medicine makers with a discount of up to 72%.

Truemeds has made it easy and safe to order medicines online.

Buying medicines online safely with Truemeds

  • Go to the Truemeds website or download the app from the Play Store or AppStore.

The app’s been rated 4.1 stars on Play Store with more than 5 lakh downloads. The App Store rating is 4.7 stars.

  • You can search for the medicines or health products you are looking for on the app or upload the prescription for the same.

Click a picture of your prescription with good visibility and upload it on your app. A valid paper prescription or an electronic prescription from a certified general practitioner is required before dispensing specific medicines.

  • If you want to consult the doctor about your illness before purchasing the drugs, you have the option to call to order.

Truemeds has several certified doctors who can consult you about your illnesses and allergies. These doctors will provide you the prescription and any other health information keeping your health in mind.

  • After consultation and uploading prescription, medicines will be added to your cart automatically.

Truemeds gives you a discount of up to 72% on your order with extra discounts for becoming a new user.

  • An option of cash on delivery is also available for your convenience and trust while checking out.

Truemeds has provided an option of free delivery on anything or everything you order on the app.

  • Well-packed medicines are provided to you at your doorstep by Truemeds.

Medicines delivered to you will be from well-known good quality brands with no issue of being expired, diluted or fake.

  • Products can be exchanged, returned, or refunded.

In case of missing, damaged, or incorrect medicines refund will be processed back to you.

  • Help services are always available to you in case of an issue.

Is now buying medicines online safe with Truemeds? The answer is Yes!

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