Is It Illegal to Show a Flashlight On a Police Officer?


Shinning a flashlight to a police officer can be both legal and illegal. Well, it depends on the circumstances that made you show a flashlight to the officer. On the other hand, a flashlight is an essential tool that we use in our daily life. Also, there are various incidents with police officers that you might end up making silly mistakes.

We will sample out some of the top incidents that are stupid but not illegal.

During a search warrant

If you encounter police searching a building and you show a flashlight to the police, it will automatically suggest that you are trying to hide evidence. It is essential always to keep your flashlight away when you are dealing with the police.

It can be an accident in most cases, but you can use a flashlight for symbolizes on the other side. If you use to light your flashlight in such as incident, then the prevailing action will be that you are a connection to what is under investigation. It is a stupid action that might land you into problems. You might be charged and investigated, but it is not illegal.

Traffic police

Well, incidences with traffic police are also some of the illegal and stupid experiences. When a traffic police officer stops you, you should not show your flashlight to them. If you do offer a flashlight to them, their training shows that you are attempting an assault.

Alternatively, the traffic police will react according to his training. It would be a wrong gesture, and you might get arrested. Additionally, if the police are wearing body cameras, then he will have proof of your actions. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you do not mess with your flashlight when handing traffic to police officers.

When driving

At times you might decide to show flashlights to a police officer when driving. Generally, it is not illegal but, on the other hand, is not something advisable. When most police officers see you use flashlight lights on them, they might ticket you. If you are using the flashlights on purpose, they might charge you for improper use of the flashlights.

Additionally, if you try and save yourself by saying that the lights were flashing independently, you’ll still be charged. This time you will be charged with poor headlights. Therefore, flashing lights on police officers is not adjustable.

Final words

Well, there many incidents and encounters with police officers that are stupid and seem illegal. It is always essential to ensure that you do not use the flashlight on police officers. Depending on the different encounters, some you might be accountable while others you can walk out freely.

You might think that the police are our enemy, but they’re not. In every policing activity, it is to ensure that we do not go through the same mistakes others made. They work to ensure that we obey the law and keep us safe. For top quality flashlights, check here https://www.olightstore.com/flashlights.html


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