Is it possible to sue for anxiety after a vehicle accident in Covington?

After a vehicle accident, emotional trauma is identical to any other type of injury. Just because the accident has not physically hurt you, that doesn’t imply you haven’t been affected. According to the Covington car accident lawyer, if you experience a “severe injury,” you can be compensated for everything that occurs due to the event.

First, File a claim

After an automobile accident, you are not immediately entitled to compensation for anxiety attacks. The insurance company or the jury may be suspicious when you claim anxiety since it is a complex claim to prove. As a result, you’ll have to verify that you were hurt and what sort of ailment you had. You must also demonstrate that the mishap caused your worry. To put it another way, you have to show that the accident was responsible for your anxiety attacks.

Next, back up your claim

You can strengthen your case by having experts testify on your behalf to show that you are entitled to compensation for psychological trauma caused by a car accident. You can do this by presenting documentation about your condition, such as medical reports written by psychologists or psychiatrists. You must demonstrate that the accident has harmed your quality of life, and an attorney may assist you in determining how much compensation to seek.

See how much you get

Your specific scenario’s facts and circumstances determine how much you earn. Following a vehicle accident, you may experience travel anxiety that prevents leading a regular life. Here, this might cause you to lose interest in things you used to like. Your culprit will compensate you for these damages. There is another method to get reimbursed for the worry you are experiencing from the accident: your culprit has to pay you for the time you missed from work and future lost income. You may be unable to work if your anxiety is severe.

Finally, don’t feel you deserve less since you haven’t suffered any physical damage. Psychological injuries can be just as painful as physical ones. Anxiety might be so overwhelming that it prevents you from leaving the house. If your fear of riding in a car has harmed your career and prevented you from working, you should consider this when calculating your damages. Here an attorney can assist you in negotiating with the insurance company and ensuring that you obtain your financial compensation.


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