Keeping Employees Happy & Motivated: A Short Guide

“Happy employees lead to happy customers, which leads to more profits.”— Vaughn Aust

Who doesn’t like happy people? In the workplace, being around happy people can elevate your mood and make you feel energetic. Not just that, it also enhances your work productivity and promises a better quality of work.

One of the biggest responsibilities of the HR department of a company is ensuring employees are happy and engaged. This keeps them motivated to perform and increases the likelihood of the business achieving more financial gains.

We’ve put together a short guide to help you understand what will keep your employees happy and motivated. These tips will not just make them feel satisfied in their jobs but also increase the chances of them staying longer with the company.

  • Value employee well-being:

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is more valuable than a well-performing employee. But for that, the employee has to be doing well physically and well as mentally.

Businesses need to value employee well-being and take the necessary steps to provide support. If you build employees up, listen to their concerns and address them, they are more likely to stay motivated and engaged.

  • Recognize their efforts:

A very common reason for employees feeling dissatisfied in their jobs is the lack of appreciation from their managers. Most managers offer criticism but not appreciation.

Acknowledging their efforts publicly and rewarding them for it goes a long way in keeping them happy. It makes them feel valued and builds loyalty towards the company.

  • Don’t force redundant work on them:

Nobody likes being stuck with boring and tedious work when they could be doing a lot better with their time. When employees feel their skills are not being used in the right way, it frustrates them and makes them feel dissatisfied with their jobs.

This can be easily tackled by automating manual tasks. Today there is a plethora of free software and tools available to help you carry out menial work without any human effort. Use them and save your employees from wasting their time on redundant tasks.

  • Invest in their growth:

One of the best strategies HR professionals swear by for keeping employees motivated is helping them grow in their careers. With tools like the LMS, it is very convenient to manage and deliver online learning courses.

Moreover, they provide employees the flexibility to learn whenever they want and access learning material from any part of the world. This ensures a stress-free learning experience that helps employees acquire new skills and progress in their work.

  • Help them build a better work-life balance:

Probably the best way for an employee to stay happy is to have a good work-life balance. Managers need to help employees achieve this balance by providing them clarity about their roles and responsibilities.

It is equally important to provide them the autonomy to structure their day on their own terms. Set realistic goals for them to give them direction and show faith in their ability to achieve these goals in the set time frame.

  • Value their ideas:

A simple trick that gets employees engaged in their work is making them a part of the team decisions. Always seek employee opinions and encourage them to share their ideas.

This makes employees feel like they are an important part of the team and the company culture. This feeling of belongingness gives them purpose and encourages them to keep achieving their goals.


A work culture where employees’ ideas are encouraged rather than dismissed facilitates employee happiness. It not only keeps them content but also ensures they stay invested in the company’s success.


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