Childhood is never complete without a myriad of toys that scream fun. Toys are such an irreplaceable part of memory. They not only define fun, but to many children, toys act as companions.  

With changing times, even the quality of toys used changes. While the 60s saw wooden toys shaped like puppets, today, digitised and electrical toys are much sought after. From kids electric ride-on vehicles to puzzle sets, here is a list of favourite toys for young kids:

  • Jeeps: Jeeps are the most famous electric ride-on vehicle for kids. These come in a variety of colours and models. Some of these come with remote controls if a parent wishes to guide the child. These jeeps are usually powered through a 70 W dual battery and go at a maximum 6 km/hr speed. These jeeps don’t come with keys like the big cars; they start with a press of a button! This, with the bold, sharp headlights and anti-slip tires, are sure to provide a smooth ride. These jeeps have shock absorbers to enhance protection so that the child remains safe while having fun. What’s more? These jeeps even have their USB and AUX ports that one can vibe! 
  • SUVs: Kids electric ride on cars also have the posh option. These SUVs mimic top brands that your kids might’ve caught on TV! These cars go at a maximum speed of 5 km/hr but have a little over two hours of battery life. These come in all-black classic SUV styles. But the catch is the police cruiser models! With white and blue checks, these cars come with a realistic flashing light like in actual police cars. They also have slidable doors which provide endless fun to your child. These models also come in with manual remote controls. 
  • Sports Cars: Kids love watching sleek cars go zoom! Be it a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, most children are highly fascinated by sports cars. Nowadays, miniature, safer versions of such vehicles are available for kids. These cars come in a shiny finish and offer a range of colours as well. What makes these cars realistic is the sound effects that are in-built in the electric vehicles. With the engine revving, one can even choose to use the sunroof to show the others who’s the boss! With a battery life of about 8 hours, these cars get officially authorised by the big brands adding to their credibility. 
  • Motorbikes: What’s the fun in kids’ electric ride-on vehicles without bikes? These expertly crafted motorbikes also come authorised by top brands. From cute scooters, police bikes to heavy racer bikes, they have it all! With exceptional lacquer finish and 40Kw motor, these bikes can pace at a top speed of 5km/hr. They have soft controls, anti-slip tires, and even in-built music to vibe to while driving around! They can operate up to 12 hours on a full charge as well. 

Segways: Kick Scooters are what all the cool kids on the block have! These are unique unicycle scooters that help glide over different terrains with incredible lightness. These foldable scooters can go at a top speed of 24km/hr. They also have flat-free tires equipped with shock absorbers to make the ride a smooth one. These scooters are made chiefly of aviation-grade alloys, which means they’re very light and have a low center of gravity for smooth gliding. They even possess a climb angle of 15°. 

Toys are a mark of excitement for kids. With typical models and designs, they make childhood very exciting, and this is also helpful in enabling children to consider their choice of hobby or profession in later years.


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