Know How to Crack PTE-A Speaking Like a Pro with PTE Tutorials!

In the PTE Speaking exam, you are asked to answer five different types of questions in 30-35 minutes. But with these simple tips on how to better yourself along with managing time, you need to focus heavily on pronunciation and oral fluency skills! You can easily get an outstanding score!

With these simple tips, you’ll have no problem achieving the best possible PTE score.

Speak at a normal pace and keep your speech clear; stopping to think or before speaking again because you made a mistake will affect fluency when vocalizing in front of an invigilator! Do not use fillers such as “Uhm” which are unneeded words either sounding too casual or informal for exams situation. During practice sessions avoid these sounds that could possibly show up on tests if used frequently enough throughout testing days. It’s important to make sure how one sounds and about what is expected from them for both a better pronunciation & Oral fluency.

The PTE Tutorials app is great for practising your speaking skills. You can record yourself answering questions and get them assessed with AI scoring.

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