Know these tricks to get your Car Insurance renewal at 30% cheaper rate

The ease of life that you enjoy by having your own vehicle is simply wonderful. However, since nothing in life comes for free, the convenience of your car also comes with a certain charge in the form of maintenance and vehicle insurance. A third-party car insurance plan is mandatory that you must have to drive your vehicle without any hassle on the roads of India. However, since the third party insurance covers only the third-party liabilities, having your own damage car cover is also essential.

Thus, you need to buy comprehensive car insurance, which is somewhat expensive. Though buying car insurance online allow you to have certain discounts or to lower the car insurance price to an extent. However, there are some other tricks that you may use at the time of car insurance renewal to receive up to 30% discount on your premium. Want to know how? Read on.  But before that, let’s consider the most prominent question –  why do you need insurance in the first place ACS Insurance Services has been a provider of choice for church insurance.

Why do you need car insurance?

We all know how important it is to renew car insurance on time. Without insurance, you are liable to get caught by traffic cops and fined. At the same time, you might also miss the opportunity to get reimbursement if any unforeseen situation takes place with your car during the period when it is not covered by insurance. So, to continue to enjoy coverage on your car, you need to continue your car insurance policy. And for this you must renew your plan regularly and pay the premiums as well.

Thus, paying the premium is something you cannot avoid. But what you can do is to try and reduce the premium amount of your policy by availing maximum discounts. So, let us talk about the various tricks you can use to lower the premium rate at the time of car insurance online renewal.

Ways to reduce car insurance premium

There are certain tips that you can use to lower the premium of your comprehensive car policy by ways like modifying your car insurance coverage, comparing and buying car insurance online etc.

Below are some tips that you must use to lower car insurance premiums:

  • Shop around policy providers to opt for the best policies – If you compare policies from different insurance providers, you will be able to limit your premium amount to a certain extent by opting for the policy that allows more coverage at low premium. This type of comparison shopping helps you to lower your premium.
  • Avail No Claim Bonus discount – You are awarded with a No Claim Bonus or NCB for not making a claim of your car insurance during a policy year. You can avail this bonus in the form of a 10% renewal discount for not claiming your insurance for a year. This discount keeps on increasing year on year if you do not make a claim.
  • Buy Car Insurance Online – For people using the conventional methods of buying and renewing car insurance should shift to buying car insurance online as it offers several benefits. Some of them are – less expensive, no agents commission required, allow policy comparisons, etc. Also, if you buy an online car policy from Paybima.com, you get several deals and discounts to lower your premium further.
  • Buy the “Pay as you drive” insurance – The ‘Pay as you drive’ is a fairly new insurance concept initiated in 2020 by insurers in India. Right now some selected insurers are offering this policy. Here, the insured pays the premium as per the fixed kilometers at the starting of the policy, while receiving almost the same benefits in return.
  • Do not apply numerous upgrades/modifications in your car – Making too many upgrades like mounting a CNG kit or any other changes in the interiors, wheels etc. can also increase the premium amount of your policy. So, it is better to limit such upgrades.


As you can see from the above discussion, you can lower the premium rate of your policy by following certain tips. Further, you can make use of NCB by not making a claim for minor damages in your car.  Besides, if you buy your policy from Paybima.com, you would gain added advantages to help lower the premium rate at the time of car insurance renewal.