Know Why Love is a Beautiful Mess






If the Netflix binge “Five Feet Apart” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love” has taught us anything, it’s that relationships are messy. People with personal experience say: From our eighth-grade romance to our most recent breakup drama, “Love Ain’t Easy”, it is a life lesson we all know all too well. It doesn’t always waver and shows its true face. It is hidden in a million emotions where you have to find it. It may be like playing hide and seek, but it is always there, waiting for you to recognize it. There is not one but several situations to explain this.

-Believe it or not, love changes us all a little bit, and this transformational journey shows us that ugly mess we were talking about because you feel like you are making all the adjustments with your partner but that he is doing it too. He must have been under the same emotional stress as you, and this could be the reason for ugly fights between you guys, but once you conquer this mess, nothing but love will remain.

-You don’t think much about yourself. You know you’re this person if you find yourself liking people until you realize they share a mutual interest, and all of a sudden, you shut down, because subconsciously the fact that someone actually likes you is oddly unattractive.

-Love is known for showing its ugly sides more often than its pleasing sides. He loves her with all his heart and is ready to give her everything that he can. He wants to keep her happy, see her smile and spend the rest of his life with her, but inside he knows that his love will never be found. He knows he is being taken lightly. He realizes that she is not his priority, that he will be nothing more than a friend to her, but still continues to love what he has got. She has no hope from him, but she is happy to be with him. Love is indeed a hassle for him, but still, it is such a beautiful feeling that he does not want to let it go.

-Love it or hate it, you all are meant to go through it once. Love can take a person forward by leaps and bounds, or he would have never thought before. It can build you, it can break you, and it can make you smile in your dreams. Adjustment and compromise are the two main ingredients of love medicine. You decide to go through all thick and thin with that one person for the rest of your life because love is playing its role well. You may have to do something you don’t like, but the other person loves cooking or shopping for a pet. Experience it all, cause a beautiful mess of it.

-You are emotionally damaged, but instead of taking the time to recover and do what you can to heal yourself, you break others down to the level of your breakdown.

-You feel like you’re really sticking with a guy who doesn’t treat you right, instead of recognizing that you’re uncomfortably comfortable, and ultimately vulnerable. You are prepared to go through bad experiences at times, because there is a strange comfort in the fact that you have gone through that routine before.

-Your head and heart can’t get on the same page because your head is always trying to convince your heart to do the things it knows better than to do, yet for some reason you can’t resist.

-It is true that love does not have to be perfect. It hides deep feelings, and sometimes we have to find it by pulling off our negative vibes. It is just a four letter word but it has a deep meaning which cannot be expressed in words. Many situations come in life and provide the depiction of love in various forms.

-It’s important to focus on what you and your partner actually do for each other as an expression of love… not how you feel about each other at the moment. So, no matter what once in a lifetime, we all go through this feeling of love and do amazing things to woo our partners like celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, send midnight online cake delivery in madurai or whatever place. Live in the moment! Celebrate love!

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