Laser Treatments Myths & Facts

Do you know the proverb “Invest in your skin, it is going to represent you for a very long time”? Yes, this saying is ultimately true when it comes to Laser Skin Care Treatments. Laser treatments have now become the talk of the town! Many people have witnessed the effective results of Laser Skin Care Treatments; but on the flip side, Laser treatments are still seen to be mysterious, as it is not fully understood by all. So, if you’re the one who is reading this article to get more info on Laser Skin Care Treatments, then continue reading!

In this article, the dermatologist from Laser Skin Care Clinic in Abu Dhabi is going to reveal the common myths and facts about Laser Skin Care Treatments.

Myth 1: Laser Treatment Won’t Work for Dark-Skinned People

Yes, it’s a bit true!  Your skin color will affect the result of laser treatment. But now with the advanced adjustable settings, the treatment can be tailored to all types of skin tones. Anyhow, to get a better understanding of this, it’s advised to visit the Laser Skin Care Clinic in Abu Dhabi, they can provide you with a true solution.

Myth 2: Laser Treatment Gives Instant Results

No! Laser Treatment won’t give you instant results; rather it takes 3 to 4 sessions of treatment to see the full results appear.

Myth 3: Laser Treatment Leaves a Clear Line

Earlier, CO2 technology has been used for laser treatment and this leaves a clear line in the skin after the treatment. But now with advanced technologies, Dermatology Clinic in Abu Dhabi uses fractionated CO2 for skin resurfacing which gives you soft, smooth, and clear-looking skin.

Myth 4: Laser Treatment Takes a Longer Recovery & Healing Period

Laser Treatments are used to remove unwanted hair from the face, and other body parts, skin rejuvenation, scar repair, acne treatment & the list goes on. So, the recovery period will depend on the specific laser procedure. Some of the treatments require a longer healing time and multiple sessions. While some treatments can be done on the same day with zero downtime, so, you can return back to your normal life routine as soon as possible.

Myth 5: Laser Will Not Treat the Skin Condition

Many people used to say that laser only treats the surface of the skin and it will not help to treat the underlying cause of skin problems. This might be true, but based on the wavelength of laser light they use, results will vary. Some lasers are used to treat the surface of the skin and some others with high wavelength can go deeper into the skin and impact the blood vessels to treat varicose and also helps to remove unwanted fat from hips, thighs, & belly area (non-invasive fat reduction.)

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Myth 6: Lasers Can Remove Tattoos

Yes, it’s true! Lasers can remove tattoos, but they will not pull out the ink. Rather, the laser light will break through the inks into smaller parties and scatter it on the skin and make it absorb fully. This is a non-invasive process, but it requires a healing period of 2 to 3 days.

Myth 7: Laser Rays Can Cause Cancer

This is completely a myth!  Rays used in laser treatments won’t give you cancer or damage your cells. The skin specialist in Abu Dhabi says that the wavelength of laser rays used in cosmetic treatment is limited and it will not emit any radiation that affects your skin.

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Myth 8: Laser Treatment Can Burn Your Pocket

Laser treatments are expensive – This is the most common rumor which is floating around! But the reality is – Laser treatment will save your expenses on shaving, and waxing regularly, as you can enjoy long-lasting & permanent results in Laser Skin Care Treatments in Abu Dhabi.


Hope now you got a clear-cut idea what is the truth behind Laser Skin Care treatments. If you’re in UAE and looking for the right skin care clinic in Abu Dhabi to get the laser treatment done, look for a facility equipped with modern laser equipment & has a team of trained experts to carry out the tasks.

Visit Wellness Surgery Center and get ready to flaunt with smooth & silky-looking skin!


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