Lawn Care for Your Business

Studies show that the human brain takes only a fraction of a second to form a first impression. So if you want to lure customers into your business, appearances count.

One way to create a good impression is by keeping the exterior of your premises neat and well-tended, especially if you have a garden outside your shopfront.

Do you lack gardening know-how? Are you too busy running a business to manage yet another thing?

Here’s how you can take the hassle out of lawn care for your business premises.

Why Is Lawn Care Important?

We’ve already established that commercial landscaping boosts your curb appeal and draws customers in. Plants contribute significantly to absorbing pollution from the air and preventing heat islands in urban settings.

Every city needs all the help it can get. Your small patch of lawn might not seem like much. Yet, when it’s added to all the other green spaces in town, it can make a difference.

So, it makes sense to keep your lawn healthy and happy if you want to do your bit toward creating a healthy environment.

What’s Involved in Lawn Care?

Keeping a lawn lush and green takes a lot of work and know-how. You need to keep it well-fertilized, watered, and mowed, according to the time of year.

Sometimes too much TLC can kill your lawn, while utter neglect’s bound to have consequences too.

If you don’t have access to unlimited lawn care expertise and are short on time, lawn care services are the answer for you.

What Do Lawn Care Companies Do?

Lawn care businesses have all the necessary lawn care equipment to ensure your business premises stay pristine all year round.

They know which fertilizer to use and when to use it. Their mowers are set at the right height according to the season, and weeds don’t stand a chance against these experts.

They’ll visit your property every few weeks to mow and tend to your lawn as needed. They’ll also edge the borders of your walkways, driveways, and patio areas to ensure they look neat.

As spring approaches, your lawn care services will clean up any debris and winter growth, as well as re-seed any dead patches to prepare your lawn for summer.

Some may offer additional services like:

  • aeration
  • weed control
  • pest control
  • fertilization
  • soil testing
  • deep root feeding for trees and shrubs

Since they buy all the necessary fertilizers in bulk and have all the right equipment already, the cost of a lawn care service works out a lot cheaper than doing it yourself. They also free up a lot of your time, so you can focus on what you do best.

Doing the Best for Your Business

Lawn care might be something you’ve never thought about for your little patch of green in the city or suburbs. Yet, it’s a vital part of creating a great first impression.

Would you like some more tips on how to boost your business’s appeal and improve your profits? Check out some more of our articles for the latest tips and information.


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