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When it comes to learning mathematics, we all hesitate sometimes when it’s a difficult topic and we don’t tend to understand it well. topics that are a bit hard to understand make us lose interest in the entire subject, but if we get some other topics then we also start loving the subject. Therefore, the main issue here is whether we are understanding what we learn or not. Different topics usually confuse us or make us revise again and again until we get it in our head well. usually, this happens when the topics are a bit advanced. Some of the topics like arithmetic sequence, geometric sequence, mensuration, trigonometry are the few ones that may confuse us and we often might have to ask our teachers to helps us.

Since the pandemic began, it has become difficult for the students to reach out to the teachers and this is why Cuemath has become a platform that the students can easily access to get online help and solve all their math-related issues in no time. No matter what the topic is, Cuemath covers it all and is an online platform so it’s available 24/7.

One of the main topics can be Arithmetic sequence and is the difference between one term and the next is a constant. Generally, it is in the format of {a, a+d, a+2d, a+3d, …} where, a is the first term, and d is the difference between the terms. “d” is called the “common difference”.

Here are the problems students face while learning arithmetic sequences:

  1. Basics rules: Arithmetic sequence is also known as Arithmetic progression and it is one of the important topics that every student must know. Several basic rules need to be understood. Firstly, the concept that a progression needs to be in a type of a sequence is important to understand and the application of “a” and “d” should be correct. There are different formulas for these and the student must be aware of those.
  2. Learning Formulas: There are different formulas required to be applied at different areas of Arithmetic sequences and these formulas are based on the logic that needs to be understood by the student. This can be understood only when the student is familiar with all the basic concepts and it is all clear in the mind. We can write an Arithmetic Sequence as a rule: xn = a + d(n−1) here, we use “n−1” because d is not used in the 1st term. This is the most important formula for step one and then other formulas are to be applied.
  3. Logic: At the end of the day, a sequence of numbers is not as complicated as we think. We can make it simple by just looking at the numbers and try solving them as a riddle or a puzzle. When we start understanding it we gain interest naturally. Arithmetic sequences are fun and when the students brush up their basics and formula knowledge and try solving the sums it becomes easier for them to apply the knowledge they gained and thus finding the correct solutions to the problems.

If you are wondering if the topic “Arithmetic Sequence” is important then we would like you to know that it is one of the main topics that even has practical applications in life. No matter what competitive exam you are opting for, if there is a quants section then arithmetic sequences are usually part of the topic, so you need to study this topic even after school. It is a fun subject that is scoring if well understood and if you know it well then it is also an advantage for you in the competitive exams you give.

So, if you want to solve your doubts and enjoy learning math, Cuemath is here for you to help with all your queries and make learning enjoyable.


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