Learn the uses of P-shot for men

P-Shot for men (PRP) by APEX, another alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction

A new way to treat erectile dysfunction

P-Shot is a new medical innovation to solve the problem, the younger brother does not fight or want to increase the excitement for the younger brother without surgery or taking any medication to provide long-lasting satisfactory results there is a simple method but it is highly effective by extracting growth factor from a small amount of the patient’s blood therefore have high security it does not sound allergic and has no side effects to provide good sexual performance to men, especially those who have lost their work whether from various levels of erectile dysfunction or caused by an enlarged prostate cancer or side effects from surgery other side effects and conditions such as diabetes, etc.

What is P-Shot for men?

The pshot is an injection in the penis area. It is a modern medical innovation for men can help increase efficiency Improves Erectile Dysfunction Recovery PRP for Male Enhancement most men are looking for an alternative to avoiding surgery.

P-Shot for men (PRP) procedure

It consists in collecting and injecting one’s own plasma into the penis. Use growth factors that come from your own blood. It is a natural process that is undeniable and very successful by the body. The secret is that PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma PRP is made from your own blood. The procedure for using the PRP P-Shot begins with a blood draw. to test the blood before injecting Then, using a special centrifuge, the special proteins and growth factors are separated from the red and white cells what is left is Super-Healing Plasma Rich Plasma, so PRP is a special protein therapy screened from our own blood to enhance your sexual performance.

Who can do P-shots?

  1. Men who are looking for help with erectile dysfunction Is it a male enhancement or a better sexual experience? Suitable for ages 35 to 65 or people with neurological problems or other sexual health
  2. People who have had symptoms from the beginning to many years since you started having symptoms of erectile dysfunction or are not fully hardened P-shot penis injections can help! People who have taken Viagra or other ED drugs can take a P-shot.

How quickly will I see results?

The effect of P-shot in terms of erectile function is a direct, topical treatment and was able to begin sexual activity the following week. Depending on the original erectile dysfunction in each individual case, the degree of symptoms of erectile dysfunction is

Need to stop working or not?

P-shot is an easy procedure and it doesn’t take long follow the procedure for no more than 1 hour this method is done by a medical professional and most importantly, do not have to stop working

Symptoms after receiving a P-Shot

After the process is complete to ensure the best results you will need to use the vacuum pump device as recommended by your doctor. Supplied to stretch the tissues of the penis, stimulate PRP, and enhance the regeneration process, aiding increased arousal.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP focuses on healing and rejuvenation using our own special proteins. Improves blood flow to the penis this results in a stronger erection. For pshot results I invite you to visit the site which is mentioned in the highlighted link, you may visit there to click on the highlighted link and get further information about P-Shot. Check some FAQ below;


Question: I’ve done some research and say that most people take 3 weeks to notice the results, but you said you saw it right away please explain? Does the reaction to this vary from person to person?

Answer: If you read the PRP survey numbers posted above, you’ll see something similar to what I’ve noticed. The initial dose is a combination of blood platelets and serum (or water) plus all the growth factors in the water that the activated platelets are beginning to release.

Then, in the next 3 days, some of the water will be absorbed by the body. Then there is new tissue growth that lasts at least 12 weeks and returns to the amount at the time of the first injection.

Therefore, the volume will increase quickly and then decrease a few degrees but will increase slowly for the next three days. Growth has been seen in other regions, but it has not completely returned to where it began. Smoker growth is low.

Again, I’m talking primarily based on my experience with facial injections. I don’t know why the penis shouldn’t, but in my experience, it’s less.

Question: How much growth can you expect?

Answer: Length and circumference increase by 10-20%. The first two patients in the first month were 1 inch (slightly longer) in length and were perceived. The circumference came first (with injection), then the length (with continuous growth). It is not yet known if the second injection of 4-8 weeks will cause another growth surge.

Question: Where are the injections made?

Answer: A small needle goes directly into the corpus cavernosum and the head of the penis in much the same way as people who use injections for erectile dysfunction.

Question: What about scar tissue?

Answer: Looking at men who inject 3-5 times a week to treat erectile dysfunction, the incidence of scar tissue is about 10%.

Formation; this happens with multiple injections over the years. With this procedure, there is little chance of scar tissue, as there is only one injection. There are no reports of fibrosis or scar tissue formation on the face.

Question: Does it hurt?

Answer: I use lidocaine cream. This is a powerful version of what you can find with a spray to relieve the pain of sunburn. Apply the same cream to the face before injecting Juvederm into the lips and other areas. The pain is about the same as a normal buttock shot, but probably less.


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