Learning From Generation Z – Lessons for Successful Communication

We are all aware of the advancement of technology and need to get used to it in order for it to become the everyday routine like it is nowadays. Most people learned how to use smartphones or computers later in their life, but some were introduced to those at an early age. The first generation that was “born into technology” was Generation Z. This article would try to answer the question of how that same technology influenced their life and point of view.

What is generation Z?

People born from 1997 to the early 2010s fall into the categorization of “Gen Z”. The Zed generation carries a computer in their pocket. It is constantly online, unlike the older “millennials” They themselves admit their dependence on mobile phones to a greater extent than millennials

FOMO, fear of missing something

In general, millennials and post-millennials differ in many ways. First, millennials were tied to their parents’ desktops and connected to the Internet via a telephone line. The Zed generation carries a computer in their pocket and is constantly online. They themselves admit their dependence on mobile phones to a greater extent than millennials.

FOMO (Fear of missing out) is the ubiquitous fear that they will miss something if they stay offline. More than half of the Zed generation surveyed told Business Insider that access to Wi-Fi is more important to them than a free toilet. A restaurant, a hotel, a cafe, without the possibility of connection, will not have any chance with a post-millennial.


Social psychologists have noticed that young people born after 1997 receive information quickly and lose interest in it even faster. This was also noticed by marketing experts who know that in the era of emoticons and six-second videos, they will not reach these young people if they do not communicate with five words and big photos. Their range of attention is only 8 seconds, while for millennials, it is 12 seconds. 

The Zed generation is impatient and less focused. They live in a high-tech world of constant updating, updating, thanks to apps like Instagram and Snapchat. It is no surprise that they prefer new quick casinos in Finland over the competition. However, they are better at performing multiple tasks at the same time. Like octopuses, they check social networks, listen to music, watch videos and chat at the same time. They switch faster from play to work and vice versa, regardless of all the distractions and noises in the environment.

To Sum It Up

The Zed generation is aware of other people, diversity, environmental protection, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and they follow it all in real-time on their screens. One of the topics they are interested in is social equality in the world. They are more sensitive and understanding. The only thing left for us, the rest of us, is to support them, get to know them better, love them, understand them, and believe that they will create a better world.


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