HE IS BACK IN FULL EFFECT!! WE WAS WAITING LONG ENOUGH FOR A ALBUM!!! The new album comes with 15 SOLID tracks. YUNGWORLD JUAN is bringing the street Hussle life to reality. With teaming up with his partners Jordan and Steve, who are “LEGAL HUSSLE” ! They put together a album for not just the streets but something for everyone is on this album. We reached out to Yungworld JUAN for a interview but we are still waiting to hear back! Make sure you guys are tuned in!!! His success is definitely something watch!!!

Music Content

Music is one of psychological therapy and influences people of all ages, not just today’s 3 Gens, but also Jane, who is still in the womb. Because music can make children in a good mood since they are in the mother’s womb. When he was born, he was a smiling child. Each generation has the same feelings because when they receive the psychology of music therapy, they will feel at ease. No matter what content the music is in can create peace of mind and make a good memory

in terms of marketing and brand building. Nowadays, several brands use Music Marketing strategies to create competitive opportunities, such as the Coca-Cola brand having its own distinct Note Jingle. When we heard it, we immediately recognized it.

Different Gen, different difficulty.

Today, consumers are still with music and music, resulting in various music and music platforms. And it’s a story that has both difficulty and ease. Because each generation was born in a different year, the music in each era is the other.

The survey consumer behavior, content genre based on CONTENTOLOGY depth study that combines the art and science of consumer behavior, the content of 3 Gen at present prepared by IPG Mediabrands with. Surveyed a nationwide sample of 400 people, 11 specialists, and more than 20,000 company data sets.

by the survey results, Content consumption behaviors in music groups can be divided interestingly as follows:

Gen X = Self-Care

This generation sees music as a friend and still watches and listens to music through significant media such as TV or radio because they have been listening for a long time. have been friends for a long time until the song is like the soundtrack to their lives.

Gen Y = Self-Expression

This generation is beginning to be self-evident. Music is a matter of Self-Expression, Or it’s about creating an image to reflect who he is. He follows Hipster Magazine that is Unique or has a precise positioning, likes to involve himself in Live Concerts to show that he loves. What kind of concert does he like? This is the image he wants to show.

Therefore, doing Branding with Music Content with Gen Y must consider creating an image as a priority. Not just music, But the song must be Represented to reflect the brand image. It can also skip the idea of the listener.

Gen Z = Self-Searching

This Jane will be with music all the time. And wearing headphones all the time, Gen Z’s inside will appear in his own identity. It’s Jane who is searching for her identity. Music and listening to music is a matter of Self-Searching Because it’s not clear what kind of music you like or what character you want—so making music with Gen Z has to keep changing. The music comes fast. The concert is coming fast. You have to get in touch to see how quickly he likes it and how quickly it changes. and how to live.

Gen Z will continue to search all the time. Likes to follow on Instagram in music groups. There will be discussions about which songs are good and which pieces are famous in the Line DJ group. Therefore, in terms of branding with Music Content with Gen Z, they have to come quickly and claim quickly, which marketers must re-act quickly. To change to keep up with the trend of Gen Z, in one view, there is a trend of Gen Z who likes KPOP. Therefore, they often see big brand products like Brand’s Sponsorship in terms of marketing because they see it as a shortcut to group Gen Z. to get the best.


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