List of 6 excellent ideas to get cheap train tickets 

In all generations, the train is said to be a middle-class flight, and everyone has the comforts when travelling by train. The train is the ideal transport for both short and long-distance travel, and the train tickets are affordable to buy. But the economic situation has changed every day, and due to the pandemic, various fluctuations happened in the prices. So there is a slight rise in train fares for a little bit however it is possible to get the cheap train tickets. Here are the lists of 6 excellent ideas to get cheap train tickets and enjoy your travel.

6 Excellent ideas for you 

1. Book in advance 

Booking your ticket at the last minute will charge more, and it is not safe to book like that.  Mostly everyone will plan their trip before a few days, and it is better to book the tickets on that planning time. You may have the doubt why to book the ticket in advance? It helps you save money to get cheap train tickets when you book them in advance. Three months before your travel date, you can book your tickets, and it is safe when seat availability becomes highly in demand. You can save more money through the advanced booking of train tickets, and Indian railway ticket booking is easy online.

2. Avoid the peak times 

Assume no advance fares are available, or you prefer flexibility when travelling. In this case, the cheapest train tickets are available when travelling in off-peak hours rather than peak hours. Off-peak periods are typically between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and after 7 p.m., it may be worthwhile to travel earlier or later than planned. Be cautious that if a portion of your journey departs during a peak period, you may end up paying a peak price for the entire trip.

3. Book your tickets together

When you travel in a train with a group of 3 to 9 people, you can get cheap train tickets with 1/3 off routes during off-peak times when all tickets are booked together. Either your friends or family members you can save your money by purchase all tickets in a single transaction and all passengers must travel on the same train. Try to avoid booking tickets for group of people separately.

4. Split up your train journey 

If you are travelling a long distance that includes many big stations, you can get cheap train tickets by splitting your train journey. Many people think that it will not work out and buying a single ticket would only save them money. But buying a single ticket for a long journey will cost more, and you can reduce the cost of the ticket by splitting your journey. In an Indian railway ticket booking, you can book several tickets at a time and book 2-3 stations stop tickets to reach your final station. Consider this idea to reduce the over ticket cost for your train travel.

5. Avoid paying more booking fees 

Most people get cheated by choosing the wrong site to book their train tickets and pay more additional fees for booking their tickets. If you are paying your ticket fare and paying more for the process of booking, then you are wasting your money. Not all the online sites charge high booking fees, and some sites will charge less cost, and some others will not charge any additional fee than train ticket cost for booking the tickets. Better research well about each site and book your train tickets on a reputable site.

6. Attain a season ticket 

Still, now many people don’t know about the availability of season tickets for them and attaining the season tickets will also be considered as the best idea for reducing the cost of train tickets. Suppose you are travelling to your workplace or college or any other place through train regularly from the same station at a particular time continuously. In that case, you can get the season tickets weekly or monthly. Once you get the weekly season tickets, you can travel anytime between the two stations mentioned on the train. Therefore you can save more money by getting this season train than buying daily train tickets.

Bottom line: 

Booking your train ticket without acquiring any knowledge and ideas about it will end up in the loss of your money. You can reduce money waste by booking cheap train tickets by following the six excellent ideas pointed out above. Try these ideas and gain practical benefits as a result of trying.


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