List of Top 5 best data science courses in India

Qualified data science analysts are in higher demand than ever before in government,

industry, and academia. The best data science courses help candidates prepare

for industrial issues by providing them with the requisite experience and

skills to handle real-world problems. While learning data science online, it’s

critical to not just gain a general grasp of what you’re doing, but also to

acquire enough practice applying data science to real-world problems.

Regardless of whether you seek a fundamental understanding of Data Science or

want to pursue a promising career in the subject, the specialist courses will

provide you with the necessary insights.

Learn about the Top 5 best data science courses

1. Data Science Certification

This Data Science Specialization is a ten-course that covers everything from R

programming to reproducible research to machine learning. The curriculum

concludes in a capstone project in which you construct a data product that has

the potential to solve a real issue. Although this course is suited for

beginners, students should have some programming expertise and a strong

understanding of mathematics.

2. Program in Statistics and Data Science

It can be regarded as one of the best data science courses since it consists of a

five-part series designed to help students develop their foundation in machine

learning, data science, and statistics. It is an excellent course for those

interested in learning about big data analysis. Learners can also gain a solid

comprehension of how to use probabilistic modelling and statistical inference

to make data-driven predictions. Students may study more about statistics, data

analysis techniques, probability, machine learning algorithms, and much more in

this program.

3. Javascript Machine Learning

The javascript machine learning course, created for Javascript developers, will

dive deep into advanced memory analysis, constructing Tensorflow JS

library-powered apps, writing ML code, and other critical factors for a full

grasp of the subject.

Students also learn how to write programs that work with both Node JS and the browser.

With Linear Algebra principles, the program covers the strategies and

approaches for speeding up matrix-based routines.

4. Dataquest

Dataquest is an excellent resource on its own. Rather than using video lessons, Dataquest

teaches using an interactive guidebook. Every course in the data science track

comes with multiple in-browser, interactive coding stages that walk you through

putting what you’ve learned into practice. Dataquest stands out among

interactive platforms since the program is well-organized, people learn through

engaging in full-fledged data science projects.

5. Data Science Career Track

Over 500 hours of curriculum, one-on-one mentor support, and 14 real-world projects are

included in the course.

The best part of this course is that it is broken down into 18 parts, each of which

covers a different topic such as Python, machine learning, Hadoop, and SQL. At

the end of the semester, students complete two capstone projects that they can

use to create a portfolio. Also, learners can get career help right after they

finish the course, including one-on-one mock interviews.


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