Living in London vs Manchester – Which is better?






London and Manchester are two of the most desired cities for living in England. With great, thriving areas for students, young professionals, and businesses, we can see why. But which one will give you the best quality of life?


Being the capital of the country, London has been a desirable city to live in for many years. This busy city is incredibly popular, full of history and heritage, and there’s always something to see and do. 

Granted, living in a capital city can be much more expensive than living elsewhere, but the salary you’d earn whilst living in London would reflect this and help to offset the costs. 

A typical graduate salary here would be between £18-£25K, with flat prices averaging at around £1.2K per month. Add on your transport and travel to work and you might be looking at a costly living situation. Most graduates choose to flat share to reduce these costs where possible.

However, if you have a highly skilled job or are in demand, you can expect a much higher salary meaning that there’s more flexibility around living on your own and in a more affluent area. 

Luckily, with London being so big and busy, there’s plenty of jobs to be found. New businesses are popping up each day, meaning that there’s high demand for hard workers. 

If you are looking to live in London, make sure you’re covered with suitable tenants’ insurance as repairs for damages or accidents can be costly. 


Being the second most popular destination to reside in, Manchester is a vibrant Northern city with masses of culture and a great music scene

A popular English destination for tourists, the city of Manchester is also great for living in – no matter your age or interests. Living here is considerably more affordable than in London, yet there’s still an air of interest that the capital city provides. 

Full of diversity and culture, Manchester is a welcoming city made up of many districts and areas varying in price and suitability. With a fast and affordable metro link, you won’t have to worry about forking out for city centre living whilst in here. 

A typical city centre one bedroom flat will cost an average of £758, whereas outside of the centre will only set you back a mere £541.04 (per month). Graduates can expect an average salary of £25,000.

If you’re interested in fun, quirky events spaces and restaurants along with heritage and industrial architecture, Manchester is the place to be. It’s incredibly popular with students and young professionals alike as there’s so much excitement and a friendly atmosphere to go with it. 

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