Looking to make fast and easy money online?

Paid surveys is the absolute answer,it is considered the fastest and easiest way to make money online because no technical skills or knowledge is needed,with just your phone and some few minutes you’re ready to earn,you’re unlikely to get rich from this but you can be rest assured of some few bucks daily.

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So What are paid surveys? Paid surveys are simply taking surveys about your opinions on a specific topic and getting rewarded for it.

How do paid surveys work? Organizations and brands are always looking for your opinions to shape new products and also know consumers reactions towards their product and service and in exchange they reward participants with cash and gift cards.

How much can I earn with online paid surveys? A typical survey will range between $0.25-$75 depends on the type of survey and mostly the time spent completing the survey, a 30 minutes survey will certainly pay higher than a 5 or 2 minutes survey.

What kind of surveys will I be taking? There are different types of surveys online for instance: Brand recognition, product appeal survey,advertising effectiveness and even as easy as sharing your opinions on news,politics, phones and so much more.

Are paid surveys legit? Yes they are,but be careful there are many scam sites online that just collect your information and never payout. Consider this before signing up for reducing the probability of being scammed: 1. Never give your bank or credit card details when signing up 2. Dont ever pay to sign up 3. Watch out for sites that offer rewards that are too good to be true e.g Make $250 an hour completing surveys Though you may be asked for personal information like age,gender,annual income,pets,hobbies, number of children e.t.c This enables them match survey takers with the right product or service being studied.

Here are some sites below that give actual payout and provide the highest payout

1. Survey junkie

At the top of my list is survey junkie as I consider them best and most recommended, they are reputable having the best reviews on trust pilot and they have the highest payout.

They accept members from United States,Canada and Australia but anyone with an email address can register,you can earn points for completing surveys which can pay anywhere from $1-$75 per completed survey. Once you reach their minimum threshold of $10 you can redeem any amount above $10.

Getting started is easy and takes about 2 minutes. First sign up here- surveyjunkie.site and you’ll be asked for just your First name,Last name,Zip code, Country of residence, Date of birth and that’s all.

Amount per survey: $1-$75

Payment method: PayPal or e-gift card

Requirements:  Must be 16 or older with a valid email address and a resident of USA/Canada or Australia

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the largest paid surveys sites and rewards you for things you already do like playing games,watching videos, searching the web, making online purchases and taking offers.you earn a bonus for sign up and accumulate points when you complete any of these various tasks,they have paid over $500,000,0000 to over 20 million members,it’s one of the websites which won’t make you rich at all.

Amount per survey: $0.40-$2

Payment method: PayPal or e-gift card

Requirements: must be 13 years old or older and a resident of the United States/Canada/Australia/U.K or other accepted countries

3. Inbox dollars

Inbox dollars let you earn cash for taking online surveys,watching and TV, playing games and redeeming coupons.this site also provides a $5 bonus for signing up and provides a variety of payment options, minimum payout is $30 and payment day is on Wednesday.

Amount per survey: $0.10-$0.25

Payment method: PayPal, check or gift cards

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and live in the U.S.A

4. Life points

Typically you won’t get more than a buck doing this or even less, minimum threshold is $20, once you sign up you’ll receive relevant survey opportunities via email which includes answering basic questions or testing out physical products.

Amount per survey:$0.20-$1 per survey

Payment method: PayPal, gift cards and other rewards.

Requirements: must be 14 or older and live in one of the eligible countries which includes United States of America

5. Toluna

You can access toluna surveys on it’s website or it’ll email them to you,if you qualify for a survey it’ll typically take 15 to 20 minutes,they want to know what you think about certain products, services and issues.in return you get rewarded.

Amount per survey: $0.10-$0.50

Payment method: Points that can be redeemed for vouchers,gift cards or prizes.

Requirements: Must be 16 or older,18 for some surveys

6. Vindale research

Similar to other paid survey sites you can sign up and fill up your basic details and demographics information then it matches you with relevant survey opportunities

Amount per survey: $0.50-$5

Payment method: PayPal

Requirements:Must be 18 or older and live in U.S.A/U.K or Australia

7. Mypoints

Mypoints is primarily an online shopping and reward service but also offers users survey opportunities which includes rewards, surveys, watching videos, redeeming coupons and shopping, there’s also a $10 sign up bonus.

Amount per survey: $0.35-$1

Payment method: Gift cards to approved retailers or a Visa gift card.

Requirements: Must be 13 or older,some surveys have eligibility requirements.

Finally, always remember paid online surveys can’t make you rich but can earn you some few bucks daily. Above are 7 legit sites that offer high paying survey opportunities though you wouldn’t get rich answering surveys but you can make some extra bucks daily with your free time.


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