Luxury Smart Kitchen Design Trends

Designing an organized and scientific kitchen is not easy for households. The calculated kitchen design will help you feel happy every time you cook for your family, friends, relatives, etc., all to create happy moments. The color, shape, materials, and function of the kitchen area will create the perfect match for the rest of the house. Here are the luxury smart kitchen design trends you can refer to.

Use dark colors for the kitchen

Several award-winning kitchen designs feature at least one dark color as a strong accent to the color arrangement. Dark colors are offset by lighter colors and show a level of color contrast that is interesting and visually appealing.

The evocative design shows a cozy classic in dark and glossy colors. Not only that, the kitchen is a combination of a modern high-tech lifestyle with classic cozy living.

Another color design approach is to use natural and earthy tones in a modern setting. Inspiration from nature is represented by attractive wood stickers. The combination of white glazed oak and Brazilian oak used as the centerpiece of the kitchen emphasizes the uniqueness that the kitchen brings to the house.

Trendy kitchen cabinets & materials

Blending sophisticated colors with high-quality materials: wood, concrete, Corian, glass or organic glass, ceramic, stone, or metal in different shapes becomes a recipe for design a Unique and beautiful kitchen. Change the style from classic to modern, from country style to high-tech.

This is a great contemporary example of the concept of “simple abundance”. The kitchen includes bright and modern shapes, materials, and colors that exude style and practicality with poetic details.

There are many different types of kitchen cabinets available in the market. You can save money when choosing to buy kitchen cabinets by using discount codes and coupons available on websites. They will help you buy goods at the most favorable price.

Industrial kitchens are an emerging trend

The kitchen combines the textures of a dramatic black marble top with warm oak surfaces that lend a contemporary rustic charm to other appliances. The combination of strong dark materials and warm wooden construction gives a classic taste) is always a winning combination when it comes to modern kitchen design.

This sophisticated kitchen is presented with an ingenious combination of contrasts: light wood surfaces correspond to smooth matte lacquer, warm tones of wood correspond to the cool air of carbon gray.

The seamless transition from the dark countertops (decided by granite, marble, or metal) to the highly aesthetically pleasing wooden cabinet structure. Green creates attractive accents for textures, materials, and colors for the kitchen.

Here is another kitchen design that includes the warm naturalness of unpolished wood and fresh green accents of live plants – the combination of soft lacquer and cappuccino gives it a fresh feel. Immerse yourself in the space of nature.

Combining wooden structures and furniture with dynamic colored stainless steel created with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology, the designer offers a unique experience and evolution while you cook. in the kitchen.

Kitchen table design

When it comes to the design of your kitchen, the kitchen table is also something to be thought about. Because the kitchen table is where you put the items to prepare for the processing of dishes.

The selection of the kitchen table must be careful in terms of hygiene, durability, function, … so that you can have the best cooking space and hygiene.

Granite kitchen countertops

Granite still ranks high on the list of trendy kitchen countertops for 2020. Granite is often considered the most durable natural material available and is known for its good resistance to cracking. The hot pot can be placed directly on the table, you can cut right on the surface without damage, and easy to clean.

Recycled wooden table

Recently, recycled wood countertops have become a top choice for sustainable and nature-friendly kitchen design, which has shown that recycling wood is a wise decision.

Not like the stones used in the decoration of the kitchen table. Wood is a sustainable resource because it can be recycled and later used as recycled wood countertops for the kitchen. So, recycled wood not only brings irresistible charm and personality in kitchen design but is also the right choice for the planet.

Metal kitchen cabinets

Bringing together classic ideas in the Italian tradition, this unusual material choice lends a rust-red-brown effect to the texture for a classic yet contemporary feel. Tall cabinets are reminiscent of coolers from the early 1900s, and warm red highlights provide cozy shades.

With another design that combines tradition, classicism, and advanced technology, the designer has created a functional kitchen with an artistic and dynamic model.

The kitchen features a tinted steel worktop paired with a lava-tiled breakfast bar.

Exquisitely handcrafted kitchen surfaces made of Sicilian glazed stone tiles support impermeability: creative, artistic and bring rich and colorful textural effects into the kitchen.

You can also buy metal kitchen cabinets with coupons on the e-commercial sites to save even more money.

Small kitchen with many functions

This design is a modern industrial solution for compact environments. With flexible solutions and design styles to suit limited space requirements. The project represents a modern kitchen design innovation that offers functional, high-quality, and trendy solutions. acquiring, storing, and inventorying resources are part of which nims management characteristic?

Thanks to technology, innovation, and the designer’s imagination, it is possible to create a kitchen that follows the trend of many families, not only that but also comes with many utilities for work. cooking.

For those who live in urban areas, it is possible to make a kitchen that meets their expectations, so don’t hesitate to show your ideas.


Above are the top luxury smart kitchen design trends that you can refer to. Hopefully, with the above sharing, you can own yourself a satisfactory kitchen.



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