Lynch’s Legacy, David becomes Phoenix.






Hey, it’s me the lynch-mob, oh excuse me, this lynch, but David Lynch.

Yes, something is ring ring ring, the blue velvet Mulholland drive Eraserhead guy.

Imprisoned in the wilderness of our limited world. How cruel and rude, I did not ask for that.

Dramatic pause. Trumpets. Wait why I am here in NY in the MOMA. how could I lose track? Ocean sound in my ear. Because I have to give the legacy of wonderful eccentric to my future self,

But one thing they did without asking me, if this even close of a little bit something of an okay or not okay because MY NAME  lynch If you look closer and deeper on it, hey yap is a really nice and approaching name, charming the nuance of why right?

Phoenix Melville is my name from now, but actually, it was self-inflicted by my constant training in transcendental meditation, deepening my sense and intuition. Something that is really developed in this mysterious young filmmaker, weightlessly he transcendent a scenery of four of five. No no no no. Not on set, but by entering a room. Wildly strange this man from future, he post-lynch acrobatic. Phoenix Melville

A young man from an island located in Europe in his mid-twenty. Wait. Melville? Now is there is ringing something in the good old white-haired strange and odd men lynch. Ohoho yes, 

Moby my old friend Moby Mister Richard Melville, and the wonderful video I directed for him.

Fabolous fabulous sound. Now another one from this tree. A little mastermind hiding his is growing there. He should have a mentor. Oh, how clumsy of me, it’s me the lynch mastermind, the mentor. But it is hard to find anything that could be assumed as not virtuous expressed. His rhythm to dance with the images of his imagination, swirling all the colours Phoenix can find in the process of creating, to present always an enchanting and mesmerizing, not film, it is dar more, a hopeful and purely meditation. 

Transcending Film. That this is possible. Mister Phoenix Melville. Chapeau

Absurdity will follow you now till the day you die, therefore forever, twisting swirling,

Energetic around the cosmos, chocolate ice cream. Chapeau. Mister Phoenix Melville

Sincerely mine

Lynch x (david)  

Oscar Winner Alejandro Inarritu and Film Producer Phoenix Melville (source www)

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