How To Maintain Your Aluminium Doors & Windows At Home

If you lead a busy life, then holidays, special occasions, festivals, etc., are really great for taking vacations and family trips. However, have you ever tried to finish some of your weekly errands and household chores on a work holiday. Doing a simple thing like cleaning your doors and windows will be satisfying, and you’ll be proud of yourself.

Cleaning your home and giving it a fresh, new appearance is really fun. If you have aluminum doors and windows, they do not require much maintenance, but you should take care of them every once in a while. Perform the following steps to clean your windows and doors without any issues.

Gather the right equipment

Before you clean your glass aluminium bifold doors and windows, you need to gather all the equipment and accessories you will require for this work. A mug and bucket or a garden hose, cleaning agents, water, dry cloth, sponge, etc., are some of the things you will need.

Also, the cleaning work may get too hectic for a single person, so it is advisable to arrange for someone to help you out. Ask your friends or relatives well in advance so that they can make time out to help you with cleaning.

Remove dirt and dust off the surface

The first thing you should do is start cleaning dirt and dust off the door or window surface from top to bottom. Cleaning from top to bottom ensures that dust particles or waste do not stick to the surface again at a spot you have cleaned already.

Fill up clean water in a mug and splash it on the doors and windows surface from outside. Based on the dirt accumulated on your doors and windows, splash the water 2 or 3 times. The clean water will wash dirt and other waste particles from the surface. The inside surface does not get very dirty, and wiping it gently with a wet cloth will be enough.

Mix clean water with a detergent

Take lukewarm water and mix it with a detergent or a cleaning agent to create a soapy solution. The cleaning agent or detergent you use must have a pH level below or at 7. If you use an acidic soap, it will damage your door’s finish and chip the color coating of your windows.

Make sure you use an alkaline cleaning solution for this work. You can even buy readymade aluminium cleaners from a nearby store and use them on your doors and windows. The water you use must be lukewarm for maximum effect.

Scrub the surface gently

Use a brush with soft bristles and dip it in the cleaning solution before gently scrubbing your doors and windows. Always use a nylon brush instead of a steel wool brush. This will help remove patches of dirt and grime from the surface and give a clean and clear surface.

You can even use an old brush with hard bristles to reach edges and hard corners. After finishing with scrubbing the surface, you should wipe it with a wet sponge to clean all small dirt lumps. Pay extra attention while cleaning grooves and joints in your doors and windows because they are responsible for proper functioning and smooth movement.

Rinse with clean water

After cleaning the surface, use clean water to make sure you rinse the soap properly off the surface. If soap collects over there, it will trap dust and waste, making your windows and doors dirty again. Drizzle the entire leftover clean water on the surface to ensure no soap is left-back.

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Use a cloth to dry the surface

After scrubbing, cleaning, and rinsing the door surface, it is time to wipe it entire with a dry and soft cloth. The cloth used in wiping car windows absorbs a lot of water fast, and it can be used on aluminium doors and windows also.

Move the cloth in all directions so that it soaks all leftover water from the surface. When you are done with this, your doors and windows will have a great look and will shine. Try not to touch the surface before it dries completely to avoid fingerprints.


Keep the condition of your home and other things in mind and clean them from time to time. It is not difficult to clean aluminium doors and windows, but you need to take the right steps.

We talked about cleaning your door and window surfaces in the right way without damaging or causing any other issues. Clean and shiny doors and windows will give a very nice appearance to your home.


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