Maintenance of an Above Ground Pool

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These tips can help you maintain your above-ground swimming pool in top shape

Small above ground pools can be installed more quickly and are less expensive than above-ground ones. They are also easier to maintain than in-ground pool. Above-ground pools should be maintained in top condition.

Install a sump-pump in your home

This advice doesn’t work as well for your pool as it does for your home. It is an important tip. After purchasing an above-ground swimming pool, many people neglect to install a pump in their basements.

The chlorine level can be tested

Chlorine is essential for swimming pool water because it kills harmful organisms like bacteria and algae. The sun, chemicals like sunscreen and sweat can affect chlorine. A pool should have a chlorine level between two and four parts per million. You can ensure that your above-ground pool is stocked with enough chlorine by testing your water every other day with chlorine test strips. Find out how to maintain your pool’s chemicals.

Weekly shock treatments

To kill bacteria and algae, a shock treatment uses a powdered form of chlorine. A shock treatment will kill bacteria and other contaminants once a week. The shock treatment will also oxidize the bacteria, which will allow for the release of chlorine into the water.

Maintains the pool pump at minimum 8 hours per day

The pool pump keeps the water moving. Moving water makes it less likely that it will grow algae. Moving water can also cause more debris to build up in the filter, which can make your pool less clean. Experts recommend above-ground pool pumps should be used at least 8 hours per days.

Replace the filter regularly and clean it

There are many types of pool filters, but all have the same function: they trap debris as well as other particles that could be harmful to your pool. Pool filters should be changed once per week. The manufacturer recommends that the cartridge be replaced if it gets too worn.

Clean the pump and skimmer baskets

A pool skimmer draws in water from the surface of the pool, while a pump basket collects any debris. The pool’s skimmer collects leaves and other debris before it goes into its filtration system. It is important to empty the baskets, pump, and skimmer at least once per week. It is more important to empty your baskets frequently if you have many trees surrounding your pool. Turn off the heater/pool pump before emptying the baskets.

Vacuum Often

Any filtration system can’t clean a pool. Your pool should be vacuumed at least once per week. Vacuuming helps prevent algae growth and clears the pool. This allows chlorine chemicals to work better.

Use a Solar blanket

Solar blankets will protect your pool against rain and debris. The solar blanket heats your pool with solar energy. This will help you save a lot of money on your energy bills. You can use a solar blanket whenever your pool isn’t in use.

Winterize Properly

If you have an above-ground pool, you will need to winterize it. You will need to give it a final cleaning, balance the chemicals, add winterizing chemicals, clear, remove, store, and protect the lines. Pack away the filter, pump, and any accessories such as ladders. Cover the pool with an inflatable pillow and cover.


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