Major Features of a Smart Thermostat You Must Know About

Smart thermostats are the newest aim in-home technology. They can do all sorts of things that make your life easier, like adjusting the temperature to conserve energy and learn your preferences over time. This blog post will cover some significant features of intelligent thermostats, so you know what to look for when buying one!

The Major Features of a Wireless Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats can be managed on your phone. This is an excellent point if you want to perform changes in your home temperature when you’re not there or even turn the heat up while on vacation! 

You’ll never have to worry about coming back to an unpleasant environment again because doing so will take a few seconds with your smartphone. Smart thermostats can learn patterns to automate temperature adjustments without any extra input from users, which saves both time and energy!

Some of the other major features are as follows:

  • Locks into desired temperatures

In some cases, this might mean five minutes later or ten degrees warmer than what was set earlier but either way, this makes it easier for people who usually forget to switch off the A/C and turn down the temperature!

  • Automatically adjusts

Over time, smart thermostats can learn what temperature you like at specific hours of the day. If your home is empty all day, but you’re used to a change in temperature when you get home from work, then it might just adjust for that! This feature makes life much easier because there’s no need to manually change everything every day or even multiple times per day – just set it once and let technology do its thing!

  • Customizable settings

There are countless options available with modern-level systems. You’ll be able to choose how cool/warm each room gets under different circumstances, so everyone has their personal preference without sacrificing energy efficiency!

  • Eco-friendly

Many companies nowadays are going green and offering smart thermostats that reduce energy consumption by up to 30% because they’re programmed to learn when you come and go. In addition, many can link with your home’s heater or A/C, so it only runs when the need arises instead of constantly running for no reason at all!

This saves a lot of money long-term too!

  • Comes with a remote emergency shutoff

Some might even have an emergency shutoff in case the temperature gets out of control while nobody is around. Thus, it is another way how smart devices keep you safe and worry-free without sacrificing convenience or comfort. 

They can also automatically lower settings if there’s a leak or other issue during certain times of day (when everyone is typically gone from the home or asleep) so nobody gets cold! If you have a smartphone, then some models even allow users to control them remotely. This can be great for those who live alone and want to adjust the temperature as they’re leaving work – all with just a few taps on your phone screen!

  • Cost-efficient

Once installed in your house, these devices are capable of saving tons of money over time because homeowners won’t need to run their heater/AC system nearly as much. Some people claim that it’s possible to recoup the cost within just a couple of years of the wireless smart thermostat. The credit goes to the reduced bills each month, which is impressive considering most families would pay thousands per year depending on the usage levels and the size of their home!

  • Compatible with other home appliances

Another feature that makes these products so great is that they are compatible with just about any heating or cooling system you can think of – gas, electric, forced air/furnace, radiant heaters and more. 

They also work in hot and cold climates worldwide because temperature control doesn’t depend on how the wind blows outside! If it becomes too hot where you live during certain seasons, then there’s no need to sweat constantly while working at your desk or while sleeping at night.

  • Maintenance-free

It should be noted that none of this would even function properly without the correct installation by a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing. Afterwards, users will enjoy increased comfort levels and reduced energy bills every month without worrying about breaking/malfunctioning parts or replacing things like filters, which can be an extra hassle some models require!


As you can see, there are multiple advantages to owning a smart thermostat. These devices aren’t just for those who want extremely high levels of control. They are also ideal for those who are looking to adjust the temperature while being on the go by just pushing a button on your phone screen instead of walking across the room and fiddling with knobs. It’s up to each consumer how much these products offer because it depends on personal preference and what kind of heating/cooling system one has installed in their home.


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