Manage your mails with Virtual Mailbox in Australia

Introduction to Virtual Mailboxes

Suppose you are starting a new business startup from your home and you don’t have a proper commercial premise for your business? What would be the best solution to counter this problem? Virtual Mailboxes might be a perfect solution for your problems. Without further ado, we’ll jump on discussing what are Virtual boxes and how can you set them up in Australia.

Virtual Mailboxes, as the name suggests, is a digital service that allows you to view your postal mails online. Just like you receive emails on Internet, you’ll be able to view your physical mails over the Internet. It’s a very useful service for people who are very concerned about their privacy, and they want to have a geographical presence of their business.

Moreover, individuals who travel a lot and rarely live in their residential property might be finding this platform useful. Since you can get all the mails over the Internet, you have the benefit of viewing your mails anywhere. Besides, overseas companies which may need to have a geographical presence in Australia might require a Virtual post box.

HotSnail, a growing platform providing mail services, might be the perfect place to avail of virtual mailboxes exclusively in Australia. Now that you’re clear with what mailboxes are, we’ll move on to the process of getting them in Australia.

How can you get a Virtual Mailbox in Australia?

The sign-up process for a virtual mailbox is quite simple in Australia. In a few steps, you can have your mailbox ready. To sign-up on HotSnail, you just must fill up some personal information and your billing address. Secondly, you’ll have to choose a street address where you want the delivery of your mail.

Once you have chosen the address, you will finally have to select the most suitable plan and get done with your payment options. After this, your account will be set up, and you will receive all your physical mails to this new virtual mailbox. Once mail arrives at the destination, they are uploaded to your virtual post box after scanning.

You have many options on your mailbox account, including mail forwarding, scanning, deleting, and shredding mails. Most importantly, all these options are available with just a few clicks. You might also need to provide an email address that can notify you about new mails. Moreover, you might want to add a forwarding address if you want some important parcels delivered to you physically.

Five advantages of Virtual mailboxes

Having discussed the sign-up process of Virtual post box in Australia, now we’ll move on to the benefits of using them. You might be using virtual mailboxes in Australia, but there are some really good benefits that you might not know about. Get to know about the exclusive benefits which HotSnail provides you with their popular Virtual mailbox platform.

Real Street Address

HotSnail is popular for its location. All locations of HotSnail across Australia are commercial offices that have their own unique real street address. HotSnail has a virtual mailbox system across Australia with different unique locations, which is important for small startups that don’t have their own geographical identity.

  • Having a unique real street address has its own perks. Some of them are as follows:
  • HotSnail can receive all types of parcels, mails, and packages from most couriers at its location.
  • Another great benefit is that of privacy. HotSnail has its own commercial real street addresses, which are secure. Therefore, it’ll give you a sense of security if you want to hide your actual residential or commercial address for whatever reasons.
  • Suppose you’re operating a home-based business. HotSnail exclusive addresses will make your business appear professional and legitimate.

Impeccable Customer Support

HotSnail is one of its own kind. It has the vision to keep on advancing and improving its services. Besides getting their unmatchable mailing services in Australia, you’ll also get incredible customer support. It has a team of highly professional individuals who are always willing to solve your queries.

HotSnail is proud to say that it has a reputable response rate and resolution rate.

Zero Compromise on Security and Privacy

The distinguishing feature of HotSnail from others is that there is no middle person involved with mails delivery. There is a direct transfer on HotSnail, i.e., from courier to one of HotSnail’s location. Therefore, this process reduces any kind of theft or damage resulting from the use of an intermediary.

All your trashed mail is shredded automatically to keep sensitive data safe. Moreover, data encryption is done using 256-bit encryption level, which is the highest form of security. HotSnail also assures that user’s personal information is not shared with any third party.

Access or Manage your mails anywhere globally

One of the reasons you signed-up for Virtual mailbox maybe to gain access to your mails from anywhere because you might travel a lot. Virtual mailboxes guarantee you the advantage of accessing your mails anywhere via an Internet connection.

You can see your mails and can forward them anywhere around the world with just a few clicks. Moreover, HotSnail also sends you email notifications for your mails updates, and you can view them directly from your email.

Efficiency and Timesaving

HotSnail is best at scanning all your mails and uploading them to your account. The mail scanning service is one of its kind at HotSnail. Mail scanning is a process whereby your mailbox company opens your mail and scans the document. The mail scanning service for Australia is professionally advanced, and multiple reviews are done to keep the quality in check.

At HotSnail, we use high-quality advanced scanners which provide high-resolution output. The advanced technology of mail scanning service helps HotSnail deliver scans in multiple file formats and with options like text-search. With our mail scanning service, we ensure you fast delivery of high-quality mails which you can manage easily.

Moreover, with a virtual Post box in Australia, you’ll also save time in the following ways:

  • You can download the copy of your mail in PDF.
  • You can have all your mails available online.
  • HotSnail will provide you with a document storage system without any paperwork.
  • You can eliminate all spam and junk mails.

Mail Scanning Service Australia

At HotSnail, we provide you with an impeccable mail scanning service across Australia. The service works in a simple way. Once you get a mail, you get a notification about it in your virtual mailbox. Upon request of scanning, HotSnail opens your package and scans all the material for you.

After scanning, the document is sent to you, and you have the options to archive, print and download your mail. It’s a very great way to get your mails to copy, regardless of your location. Moreover, scanning also eliminates junk mail, and you only have to view relevant and items worthy of your attention.


A virtual mailbox is a fairly new type of advancement in the game of mails. Traditionally, you use to get your mails by physically visiting a PO office. Now, you can have access to them online. All thanks to Virtual Mailboxes. If you’re looking forward to set-up a virtual Mailbox in Australia, reach out to HotSnail and choose the most suitable deal. Happy mailings!


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