10 Effective B2B Marketing Trends That Will Take World By Storm In 2021

In today’s digital era, keeping your hands on real pulses of marketing can help in fostering your business growth. The most up-dated B2B marketing trends that are discussed in this blog post could help you stand differently in the competition. That’s true in the digital world new marketing trends always surprise end-consumers. Here in this virtual world new technologies are sky-rocketing and taking hold of consumer’s purchase decisions. 

Maybe at the start of last year 2020, your organization might not have TikTok on its advertising channels, but today it is a pressing need for businesses. It is truly worth every penny.

 Are you at the cutting edge of content marketing trends or making efforts to keep pulses on the competition? Read this blog post which is structured around the 10 most effective B2B marketing fads that have the power to reconstruct B2B space. Scroll ahead to read them 

  • Account-based marketing

According to the statics ABM offer maximum returns as compared to any other kind of marketing. Marketers realize that it helps in increasing business sales and allow them to make better use of advertising materials. 

In late 2020, 42% of overviewed marketers reveal that the unprecedented situation brought in by pandemic had changed their ABM targets. Of those advertisers, 49% said they make changes to their goals and focus more on building a business with existing records. While 30% diminished their financial plans because of the pandemic, 26% expanded their spending. 

Accomplishment with this technique relies on a close candid relationship and synchronization between the business sale and promoting teams. A joint effort among sales and marketing partners can assist advertisers to recognize their potential clients among the target audience for an Account-based marketing strategy. 

  • Improve customer experience 

It is vitally important to make your loyal customers happy with your services. During the pandemic time, it even has become more significant to keep your audiences engaged and entertained with the rewarding content. Keeping your end-consumers happy and satisfied is one of the digital marketing trends that will never go away. During this period when the pandemic is wreaking havoc all around people, they are stuck at home, surrounded by depressive news, it is difficult for brands to compete for people’s attention. However, with rewarding content, running surveys, games, and breakout sessions has helped B2B brands in a great way to get the attention of their target audience.

  • Adoption and integration of automation in Marketing 

It is without any doubt true that the content marketing supply chain is suitable for automation at every phase. Ranging from researching and creating competitive keywords to distribution and measurement, the expansion of advertising automation tools, platforms and plugins have streamlined content more effectively than ever before. As per research from Forrester, worldwide marketing automation investment is anticipated to increase to $25 billion by 2023.

Real marketing automation systems are used by 44% of B2B reputed brands. Regardless of different kinds of martech have even higher acceptance rates. These different innovations are frequently coordinated, so automation from Placewise is essentially unpreventable in this exploding time of marketing.

  • High reliance on AI

The manner in which organizations are tending to CX necessities is making use of artificial intelligence (AI). Chatbots, for instance, offers purchasers a fast way to get a response to simple queries. Many brands have their AI bots that respond to the customer’s simple question and give them an apt solution. 

In addition, they reduce customer service agents’ time. According to analytics, 64% of customer agents with AI chatbots can invest the greater part of their energy tackling complex issues. Chatbox is a more widely accepted option yet they are nevertheless one variety of AI for advertisers. Programmatic promoting commercial centers are adding AI into their advertisement purchasing procedures, establishing a connection with publishers, sponsors with more proficiency, speed, and exactness.

  • Video marketing and augmented reality

Nowadays, the innovative and most effective digital marketing strategy that is trending is video content. Both video content and augmented reality are innovative tools that any B2B marketer should not ignore. 

Video advertising is particularly incredible for B2Bs and can give a precise visual angle to the purchaser’s journey. Presently, many associations are utilizing case studies to create video content that supports their advertising endeavors. Also, this pattern is making a foothold in the B2B market. At the present time, 70% of B2B purchasers watch reels to get an answer to their searches, before converting the deal.

  • High chances of lead conversion

B2B brands’ are more focused on macro lead conversations that promote business sales. Blog posts, articles, and PR; pulls-in traffic to the website, which can be channeled towards the gated content, for the lead generation. But does that lead matter that does not get converted?

It might bring you by surprise that content can help at this stage as well.

These days, B2Bs are using more guides, eBooks, and organizing digital and hybrid events like webinars to procure leads. Content such as press releases, newsletters, case studies, and blog posts are then used to secure and convert these leads. Email and SMS marketing is also one of the great platforms to market business and helps it increase its revenue pool. 

  • Podcast

As per the static, there are more than 8Lacs of active podcasts. That’s true more than half of the U.S population listens to podcasts every month. That is why B2B sellers are showing more interest in connecting with their target audience through podcasts. It is a most effective way of connecting with the on-the-go auditory audience. Do you know podcasting ad revenue is expected to be beyond $1 billion in the year 2021? Yes.

So, organizations that make their own podcasts have with them a great opportunity to have a deeper connection with their auditory listeners.  

  • Social Media channels are evolving

With more than 706 million members, LinkedIn is still at the top that is frequently used by the B2B marketers to reach their target audience. The professional networking website LinkedIn has completely replaced the quirky in-person event in 2020. It means from 2020 even more professionals are available on the site promoting their business. LinkedIn’s live streaming attribute has created a stir and enables B2B sellers to communicate directly with their customers. While other social media marketing channels Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are 3 platforms that remain at the top and help brands to reach customers. 

  • Local search optimization

Google My Business listings have been used the most in the past by consumer-facing brands with geo-focused advertisement and sales prudent techniques. Google Maps and organic outcomes in Google SERPs scratch business information from GMB. Permitting searchers to discover data about associations, the products they sell, their actual location, their contact information, and client testimonials. 

B2B brands have been much slower to accept Google Maps marketing strategies or even to totally populate their GMB listings. And, also other online professional resources like, BBB, Yelp, BizJournals, and Glassdoor. Businesses should never forgo these local SEO marketing methods. 

  • Paid ads

There are always two sides of the coin and so organic search is just one side of the advertising coin. B2B organizations have realized that paid search ads can be the easiest and paced method to take a great stride over organic listings in Google SERPs and stay in the competitive race. 

For example, when the researcher searches for the term “content for SEO” then only two results are displayed – One is an ad from SEMrush, and the other is a featured snippet from Yoast. But what about other listings that are required to appear on the first page of SERP. Those positions belong to biggies of the niche like Search Engine Land, Moz, Wordstream, and Neil Patel. They don’t show up unless you scroll ahead to find them. That’s the magic of paid ads – quick SERP ownership over competitors.

 The final reflection 

Businesses market their products or services to other businesses through B2B marketing platforms. So, if you think your business is inching towards the winning post and not leapfrogging at pace then, you need to follow fool-proof B2B marketing, and our company GlobalHunt Technologies – one of the best digital marketing agencies has got your business marketing needs covered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our digital marketing experts. 


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