Mars is “an Imaginary Real World of Man”

Scientists on Earth have turned Mars into a mysterious object for decades. At the same time, it has made Mars even more mysterious and imaginative. Scientists consider this planet to be the most habitable planet after Earth. The main reasons for this are its distance from the sun and the air and soil components of its environment. However, there is no oxygen on Mars because plants cannot grow there. Therefore, this planet looks like a desert.


The main constituents of Mars are red soil and methane gas present in the air. Red soil is due to the iron oxide present there. And methane gas indicates that there may be discomfort in life. Because methane gas is released only when there is life and it is also called biological material. Under the red soil is generally thought to contain ice.


The weather on Mars is very cool. This is due to the presence of very high levels of methane gas. Methane gas is released into the atmosphere in such a way that it indicates the vibration of life. The presence of lakes and mountain-like soils on the surface of Mars may prove that at one time there was a stream of flowing water.

Mars trip

The Mars mission is considered one of the most memorable achievements of modern technology. In the Mars mission, several robotic vehicles have been sent to the surface of Mars so far. The latest US space agency, NASA, has sent a state-of-the-art robotic spacecraft called “Perseverance” that is capable of sending 360 ° and color images of Mars. The spacecraft is expected to spend about 10 years on Mars Will be tested.

Elon Musk has big plans for the Mars mission. He is already researching different types of rockets and technologies to send people to Mars. Yet Mars is still a wonder and the beginning of discovery. Top of Form


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