MateBook 14 plays a great offer every customer


Huawei offers many portable laptops these days, and the notebook 14 is one of the great laptops on their lineup. Recently, they announced this notebook with more powerful AMD RYZEN H 4000 hardware, and some design changes will talk about. It comes with AMD RYZEN 5 400H with 16 GB of ram. So, this talk about that model in this review. Also, one can configure as a way so, it’s not a big deal here? The side from the spec, Matebook 14 comes metallic with a fair cooling solution with a 56wh battery. And 2k 3:2 display which is quite good and great color. Let deep dive and see everything this laptop has to offer.

About MateBook 14

let’s talk about the design first Matebook 14 comes with a metal anybody design which is very rare at this price top which feels very strong and well made. On the other hand, it comes with only one color, which is dark grey good at hiding smudges and fingers as well. On the negative side, there is no LED bar to tell how much charger is left on the book. Now, the weight of the laptop is 1.5 kg and comes with grippe rubber feet good to use on any kind of surface. The screen’s hinges are a bit stiff and will need both the hand to lift but on the positive side. The screen doesn’t wobble even in day-to-day use that explains the stiff hinges.

Talking about the I/O, it’s spread around the side and back of the laptop. There is no card-reader and comes with thunderbolt 3 which means it chargers which USB-C, but the charger is one of the most compact and powerful brick comes out of the box. At 100W. One of the negative sides would be the camera placement, which is between the F6 and F7 key which gives you a weird camera angle when you are video calling anyone. There is nothing to complain about the keyboard and trackpad the inputs are found with the laptop, and the track-pad gives you the smooth feel and feel like higher tier track-pad.

On the other hand, the keyword keys feel a bit mushy and shallow to type but the keyboard is backlight so, it makes up for it. Track-pad comes with a gloss finish and is quite accurate to track the fingers sometimes doesn’t register the tap, when also there is a fingerprint on the power button, which is very useful. Talking about the display is not a touch screen panel but a very good 2k display good enough to look at for day-to-day use and if one is watching a movie or YouTube videos. Display covers with 98.1% sRGB also this laptop comes with ryzen 5, and ryzen 7 one can configure according to their use, but everything stays the same on every laptop. The laptop starts with 800 euro and goes up to 1000 euro.

Last word

Huawei mate book 14is the value of money laptop comes with more powerful ryzen 5 and 7 CPU with 2k display at the same type has good battery life. And one of the fast chargers out of the box. So I hope you try it and visit the consumer.huawei.com website.


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