Medium Length Hairstyles for Women to Try

Although some women want to grow their hair long, most prefer medium length hairstyles because these styles are easy to style. Long hair takes a lot of time to wash, detangle, and style. It also takes in a lot of products because you have to ensure all the strands have soaked into the product.

Medium hair is becoming the go-to hairstyle for most ladies because it takes a shorter time to wash and detangle. You will also use fewer hair products on medium-length hair. We searched the internet and compiled some of the most popular medium length hairstyles to rock in 2021. Take a look.

1. Feathered Shoulder-Length Style

Although some people don’t like wearing their hair in the down-do styles because they claim it looks dull, you can try the style with feathered hair. The shoulder-length hair will also make it more effortless for you to try this style. Add shorter feathered layers around the crown to add some style.

2. Bob With Highlights

Having a plain bob can be boring, but adding highlights will bring some light to the style. This style will advantage you more if you have thick hair. You can also choose to keep the hair smooth and softly rounded to enable you to attend your staff or corporate meetings.

3. Long Disconnected Bob With Highlights

Today’s bobs are not quiet and boring because they have details. The long disconnected bob looks better with choppy layers and dyed parts. The faded-out highlights represent the ombre style that most people want to have.

4. Center Parted Blonde Bob

Bobs are some of the most popular medium length hairstyles for women. If you have black hair, you can grow it to medium length and then dye it blonde to achieve this medium length hairstyle. According to Glaminati, the hair is parted at the center to add some life to the style. You can also leave your locks messy and wavy. The medium-length hairdo is easy to achieve and maintain.

5. Messy Wavy Lob

It is not a rule of the thumb to always wear a nicely done bob. Having it messy is also a trending style. To avoid paying a lot of attention to your hair, you can grow it longer but cut it into a bob. Get the disconnected ends for more volume and texture.

6. Medium Cut With Feathered Layers

If you value a carefree and sophisticated appearance, this hairstyle is for you. Having feathered layers adds texture and volume to the hair, swirling around, creating a motion. Cut your hair to make it shoulder-length for a better appearance.

7. Voluminous Long Bob Hairstyle

Nothing beats voluminous hair. Styling it into a bob style gives your hair more volume and texture. If you don’t fancy the traditional bob, you can try a lob. You can also cut your hair shorter anytime you feel like it. Use a curling iron and rollers to create messy waves.

8. Medium Blonde With V-Cuts

If you are not the messy and sophisticated type of woman, you can try this smoother style. Adding some v-cut layers adds style to the hairdo. The style is very low-maintenance. Add some sandy blonde highlights to enhance the looks. Also, make the top layers into a lighter shade.

9. Straight And Whispy Bob

If you don’t like curls on your head, you can still style your straight hair and flex with it. A simple smooth bob combined with straight hair will bring out the perfect results of the hairstyle. Cut the hair to shoulder-length and point-cut the ends. While most medium length hairstyles look great on women of all ages, this looks great for women in their 40s or 50s.

10. Wavy Bob Mid-Length Hairstyle

If you are looking for an easy-to-manage hairdo, this is a perfect choice for you. It makes the wearer look sassy, classy, and sexy. The hairstyle also brings out other beautiful features of your face, like the jawline. Tuck the wavy strands behind the ear or pin them up into a pompadour hairstyle.

11. Wavy Caramel Long Bob Style

The lob hairstyle continues to grow in popularity among women. The wavy caramel hairdo is becoming the go-to style for most women because of the perfect shade of caramel which brightens faces.


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