Meetup via video chat or text message: Impacts on performance and confidence.

Digitalization had a lot of impact on the communication skills of people. Basically, it has become a wide gap between introverts and extroverts. And the main cause is social media. Well, social media has brought a lot of pros besides cons in form of addiction. Due to the overuse of social media people are getting technologically smart. Nowadays many chats with stranger sites are available like Omegle, bazoochat, Ome tv, and more. But the main problem is that they are losing the social skills that are to be used in real life which in turn is also affecting them in some aspects of the virtual world also. Let us put some light on the above-stated fact.

Social Media Chat

In social media we all chat, mostly we do texts. In this way we have become extremely habituated to texting, even we text long paragraphs with being tired. In this way, we are getting habituated to typing fast but on the other hand, we are losing the confidence to talk or chat with someone face to face as in a video chat.

So let us dive deeper into this matter. In social media, we are able to make new friends, stay in contact with past people. Also, we can join communities to be in a circle with some like-minded people. People are also getting internships, jobs, freelance clients. In short, employment is becoming easier. Businesses are also getting a lot of help. These are the pros. And these all are possible due to ease in communication because of social media. Now there are three ways through social media is actually marketing the features and thus used by the masses. Those are text, voice, and video. Voice obviously engages the listeners but video and texting have some different impacts. Let’s put some light on it.

Why Text Message Is Get Board After Long Conversations?

Firstly in text format, we are only sending written messages. The main thing is they are not compelling enough in today’s world of advanced technologies where modes like video communication are possible.  But a very different thing that is to be noticed is that people feel more confident in typing even long messages than just showing up their face in a video call and communicate face to face. The research was also carried out where scientists told many people to connect to their old pals in two different modes: text and video format. The results were quite surprising. People, though comfortable or confident in text messaging were not so well off in connecting with their pals as they did in video format which proves video communication which requires a bit more confidence was more positive in bringing results.

Why Video Communication Become More Popular

So the main reasons behind this gap in results are that videos are more engaging. In fact in the case of online dating such as a Omegle, Ome tv, Bazoocam, Chatroulette, also if we turn on our video then it builds some trust. Initially, we might feel a bit weird or awkward to talk about having some inferiority in looks but in the long run, it creates a positive impact. Similarly, if we are doing a business meeting, we are able to explain in the video mode than in text mode. This increases our performance thus helping in gaining success thus leading to build some confidence in ourselves. Hence through this article, we can clearly see how to meet up through video mode increases our confidence and performance and is hence quite useful in the long run.



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