Mehtabjit Teja’s Advice on Making Money with E-commerce

The modern e-commerce sphere may seem complex for many of us, but it is not as diverse and difficult as the traditional ways of doing business.

E-commerce is all about buying and selling products or goods through the internet. Due to the advancements in technology, the buying-selling process has extended beyond desktops to shopping made through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Starting an e-commerce business has the same basic functions like choosing a niche/market, sourcing a product, creating a pricing strategy, promoting business, collecting payments and offering great customer support. But all these things are done over the web.

Mehtabjit Teja is a notorious name in the e-commerce industry as he is currently managing more than 15 flourishing e-commerce websites along with his major brand Branzio Watches. He says that one of the main reasons to start an eCommerce business is that modern consumers have now adjusted their buying habits to the web. That’s why your business must be there over the web as well to fulfill the needs of modern consumers while enjoying more sales. He doesn’t just say, but he is the real-world example for many who are looking to head toward this growing industry. He always encourages people to start small in the e-commerce industry if there are fewer resources and then scales accordingly, later on, to stand out from the competitors.

Mehtabjit Teja’s Advice about Starting an E-commerce Business

When it comes to start an e-commerce business the first step should be figuring out a niche where you can have a competitive advantage, founder of Branzio Watches MehtabJit Teja said. If you have a product that offers great features and benefits that competitors don’t, you have got a differentiator that will make more sales and grab the attention of more potential customers.

The quality of an individual product can be less in your store but providing an overall excellent e-commerce experience on your store can attract more customers, Mehtabjit adds. A combination of those factors is called a unique selling proposition (UPS).

And a good brand USP may include:

  • Exceptional customer support & service
  • Extended product warranties
  • Better return policy
  • An appealing loyalty program to appreciate your loyal customers

This is the reason, he believes that delivering a unique and exceptional overall experience to customers is very much important in this competitive e-commerce sphere.

Mehtabjit Teja e-commerce website network is an inspiration for business owners and investors who are about to head into the e-commerce industry. This shows the beginners how Mehtabjit is managing a huge network of e-commerce businesses and websites with a great team of 75+ professionals who work from different corners of the world. He always looks into new and smart ways to deliver an exceptional experience throughout his online stores to make online shopping easier, effective, and better than ever before.

There Must be a Unique but Great MISSION

Some modern consumers are very conscious and they check the mission of the brand before they make a purchase transaction. Embracing a unique mission could be a plus point for you to make headway with a particular sector of the population. For instance, you can rely on using renewable energy for managing and scaling your online brand, reducing the carbon footprint by adopting an eco-friendly approach, or giving a specific portion of your earning to a charitable institute or cause.

Mehtabjit Teja is on a mission of making e-commerce a more accessible space for small business owners and beginners. He provides startups with essential tools, resources, skills, and services they need to survive and thrive in this competitive marketplace. He is also committed to delivering highly personalized and quality experiences to his customers to make online shopping a lot easier and more effective than ever before. As he is earning 8-figures revenue with e-commerce, he wants everyone to join the industry and choose the right approach to reach their business goals and objectives while meeting the needs of modern consumers.

Mehtabjit is also a public speaker and e-commerce expert who always talk about the potential and opportunities offered by this digital world. Mehtabjit’s podcasts, interviews and public speeches are a great asset for people who want to join the e-commerce industry as they include everything a beginner may need to get started effectively.


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