Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that they are like a member of our family. They don’t understand our language, but the bond is so intense between them and us that we are able to communicate with them. 

We all know that art has always helped us communicate things. Whether it is a painting or a song, all these are like a means for us to express ourselves. This is why getting a custom dog portrait of your furry friend is an awesome idea to honor him. 

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. They are always happy and always try to uplift your mood. They don’t like seeing their master being in a sad or depressed state. Also, research has shown that dogs do help people who are diagnosed with clinical depression. Getting a custom dog portrait done is a great way to acknowledge what your pet has done for you. No matter if your time is bad or good, pets never leave their masters. 

Types of Custom Dog Portrait

There are many options in which you can get your custom dog portrait. They are readily available and not very expensive. Let us tell you about some of the most common types of custom dog portraits.

  • Oil Portrait
  • Acrylic Portrait
  • Pencil Sketch
  • Charcoal Portrait
  • Colour Sketch Portrait

All these portraits look great when it comes to appearance. One thing to understand here is that you should select a portrait that goes best with your house decor. If you have minimalist decor, then go for charcoal or pencil sketch portraits. However, if your house has colorful decor, then going for a colored sketch or an oil portrait will be better.

As far as customizations go, you can get your custom dog portrait in any design you like. They are available in all sizes, and there are numerous frame options available as well. We recommend that you should select a frame color depending upon the type of portrait you are getting made. If you are looking for a minimalist look, then getting a black or a grey colored frame will best suit your purpose. 


Most people are confused when it comes to getting these custom dog portraits made. If you know a local artist, then you can always get your dog portrait made there. Otherwise, here are some of the places where you can find someone who makes custom dog portraits.

  • The Internet – Just do a google search, and you will find many websites that make such portraits. Be aware; look at their previous products, charges, and reviews before placing an order.
  • Facebook – A lot of artists have pages on Facebook that sell and customize dog portraits. You can send them a text to make a relevant inquiry
  • Instagram – Instagram is also an excellent place for upcoming artists who want to sell their products. The best part is that they showcase their work on Instagram, which helps you to decide better when it comes to choosing an artist. 

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