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Communication is an essential part of life. It requires good English, listening, and speaking skills to make a mark of your personality on the other person.

You can learn English listening skills through movies and English vocabulary through vocabulary lists such as “Adjectives starting with the letter K,” or you can enhance your pronunciation through different methods.

But how to communicate well in English, especially when you are in the language-learning phase?

You may have these questions in your mind so let’s explore some ways to polish your communication skills.

● Speak Fluently:

Speaking fluently in communication is essential as it enables you to share your thoughts with others.

But how to speak fluently?

You have to work on your speaking speed. Your speaking pace must be moderate so that other people can understand you.

Moreover, you should know your filler phrases, so you don’t pause while speaking.

There can be a lot of instances when you pause because you cannot remember any English vocabulary and phrases.

In this case, you should select some filler phrases that can give you time to think.

Some filler phrases are: “You know,” “I mean to say,” etc.

Try not to use these filler phrases much as they can annoy the other person.

●  Practice and Record:

You can practice English communication with a friend of yours. Please select a topic and communicate with each other on it as much as possible.

While practicing, record your whole communication. The recording will tell you about your pronunciation mistakes and how much you have used filler words and phrases.

Identify your mistakes, and avoid them in your next practice.

●  Ask Questions:

To have seamless communication, you should ask different questions to clarify your points. These questions will ensure that the language barrier doesn’t come your way.

So, when you don’t understand a person, you should ask them to repeat themselves. Or, you can repeat whatever you have understood.

Also, you could ask the other person if they understood your point.

Or, you can ask clarifying questions if you want more information from them.

These different questions will ensure that you have adequate and clear communication.

● Use Body Language:

Body language is a crucial part of communication as it speaks aloud than your words.

It shows whether you are nervous or excited. So, it is essential to relax to have positive body language.

For example, you should maintain eye contact with the other person, should have a smile on your face, and should use different hand gestures to show your excitement or friendliness.

Confident body language ensures that your message has been taken seriously by other people.

If you are nervous, your body language will reflect it, which can impact your communication.

Do remember that different body gestures have different meanings across the world. So, it is crucial to learn the importance of other gestures in a particular country.

You can learn these gestures by watching Ted Talks, celebrity interviews, or movies about a particular country.

To practice different body languages, you can stand in front of the mirror, talk to your reflection and observe your body language. This will help you to use effective body language during communication.

●  Use Appropriate Language:

There are various types of languages, such as professional, formal, casual, and slang. All these languages are appropriate for different situations and different kinds of audiences.

Every language type contains a series of different words and vocabulary lists. So, it would help to choose the appropriate language type according to the situation and the other person.

Observe how the other person is communicating and what language level they are using, and you should go for that level.

If you don’t know formal or business language, you can use standard English as it is appropriate in every situation.

●  Enroll in English Course:

There are various online platforms through which you can learn English communication. They will teach you all the ins and outs of English communication and let you communicate with different people.

So, you can go for online English courses to get a communication buddy and learn different skills of communication in detail.

Wrap Up:

Communication is an amalgam of different English skills and requires some strategy to keep it in flow.

We hope this guide has helped you identify the strategies and ways to have a smooth English conversation with anyone.

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